Thursday, 14 June 2018


Thursday, 14 June 2018
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I realise that I have been completely off the radar for the past like 6 months? (Oh and apparently being active on Instagram doesn't count, I'll get into that later.)

So first of all here's why I've been gone, I started my second year of uni in September and finished in May. I usually hate those posts of people whinging about time management blah blah but I really struggled with my time management and doing work to a good standard- I'd say my work this year barely passed me through to third year! So that is one thing that has been happening.

I'm also decreasing some of my epilepsy medication (can we get a hell yeah!) I will do a post on that separately because I feel like a lot of people should know etc. But one of the side effects of reducing my medication was severe depression and anxiety, now one lot of tablets I'm on already causes that so I had no hope really did I? It felt like my life turned upside down and I was in such a dark place and no one really fully understood- my family are 100% on my team when it comes to mental health but I struggle to physically talk to them so it was hard.

So here's the main reason I've felt the need to write this post- I personally feel like I have been completely excluded from the Norfolk bloggers industry. I completely understand the lack of posts but the thing is if I go to events I have things to write about?

 One thing that hurts me personally is that I helped set up Norwich Bloggers, we run events for bloggers in the Norwich/Norfolk region which has been incredible and it has been amazing to see so many friendships blossom through it! We're constantly helping brands reach out to bloggers because we have our network so can assist them in finding their perfect blogger. But now it seems we (I say we because I mean myself and Hannah) just aren't good enough. We personally thought we had amazing relationships with a huge number of local brands but that obviously isn't the case anymore.

This is such a whiny and bitchy post to start my return with but I feel like I needed to get my feelings out there and that maybe the reason I haven't been posting is because I feel neglected in the local industry?

Anyway you will be seeing posts from me at minimum once a week (currently aiming for twice a week) so I'm back guys.

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