Friday, 1 December 2017


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Hi everyone, for the first day of blooms I'm starting out with my Christmas wish list. My family find these types of lists really helpful plus I really enjoy making them so that's why I've created this one.

1: Mrs Potts & Chip Pandora charm
I'm really getting into my pandora bracelet again since my birthday (especially now that they have the Disney collection) this charm is just so cute that I am so desperate to get my hands on.

2: Candle Lighter
This is such a random/odd gift but I need something to light my candles with and since I don't have lighters- not that I can use them very well lol. I thought this would be a better idea than matches as I can just keep refilling it with gas as and when.

3: Black Opium perfume
I am by in no way short on perfume- in fact I probably shouldn't even be asking for it but my sister has this and it literally smells incredible. It's quite a grown up scent compared to my usual sweet and sometimes sickly one so I'm kind of using that as a reasoning as to why I need it.

4: Cinderella Pandora charm
Another Pandora charm I know, but this is one of my favourite Disney quotes so I just think it's very fitting.

5: Too Faced hangover primer
I have seen people raving about this primer for so long now and primers are one thing that I don't tend to splurge on for some reason so I'm thinking this would be a good gift.

6: Too Faced Born This Way foundation
Again another product I've been eyeing up for quite some time and I have used my sisters one but she orders such a dark colour (fake tan problems) that its hard to tell if I really like it.

7: GHD Straighteners 
This is 100% a gift I have wanted for well over 10 years now and I'm in need of a new pair of decent straighteners so fingers crossed I get lucky this year! If not I will defo be looking out for a pair in the January sales.

8: Mario Badescu Facial Spray
This is all everyone is raving about at the moment and I have tried and actually since making this list I have ordered it myself oops... but still the idea is there!

9: Beauty Blender
This is another item that I always question whether I need or not because it's just so expensive for what it is, so I feel like I can justify it more as a gift.

10: Palm Leave Laptop Sleeve
I have the case version of this and love it so much, my current sleeve is so mucky and disgusting- I could just really do with a new one.

11: Tiger Bag
I have been lusting over this bag for several months now but it always seems to be sold out! It is a very nice Gucci dupe which I love, I've seen this bag all over instagram which just makes me want it more!

12: Kat Von D Lock it setting spray
I have had this setting spray before but it somehow disappeared (not saying it was my sister but I'm saying it's very much likely) this literally kept my makeup on all day and all night it really is the best setting spray I've ever used.

13: New Balance Trainers
These were on my birthday list too and I've kept them here because they are bloody beautiful and that's all I can really say about them haha.

So that is my Christmas wishlist, if any of you have one leave the link below because I love looking at other peoples. I'm really hoping I can succeed in blooms... lets wish me luck!

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