Friday, 15 September 2017


21st birthday

It's coming up to my 21st birthday (October 6th in case anyone was curious) and I find making wish lists for myself really satisfying and my Christmas one really helped my family because I got a ridiculous amount of the things from that list, so I've been requested to do another which made me extremely happy. 

I'm just going to break down the items into little sections and explain why I'd like them rather than tell you all every single item and what I like about it blah blah because that would be boring and there is a giant photo at the top for a very obvious reason. Here's a direct link to all the items

Out of all of the items in this section the only items I've never tried or owned is the Pixi Glow Mist which really intrigues me because it claims to get rid of redness, gives a glow and acts as a primer and helps to protect the face from pollutants and the other elements, it also mentions using it as a hair protecter too, so it's a massive all in one product. The second is the ABH subculture palette, there was such a divide in the beauty community when this first launched and there still is but I love the Modern Renaissance palette and I'd like to give this one a go purely because of the colours, it'd get me to experiment more I reckon.

I've got into taking care of my hair at long last so a few heat protecting sprays plus a toning one which will be good to alternate between. Then I would love to finally after at least 10 years own a pair of GHD's (literally feel like the only person in the universe to never had a pair of these) my current straighteners just don't cut it for me so they would be a nice gift.

Jewellery is a very obvious one in my books for a 21st birthday gift, I've already shared a few bits with my mum so I didn't think was necessary to include those too. The ring is absolutely gorgeous, I first saw it on twitter and then found it was from Pandora I was so excited because it meant I could get it here! The 21st charm is another one I feel like I'd like to get purely because of the meaning behind it (it isn't that deep really though is it) 

I've literally never been a shoe person before, especially trainers but my mum and sister have gotten me into those, I like all 3 of these pairs so it's more of an idea of what sort of style and colours I like. Boots wise aha now we're in my territory. Embroided boots are so in this season plus these ones are beautiful, then we have the standard embellished chelsea boots- a must have for Autumn/Winter.

Is there a day/month/year when I won't be lusting after a new bag or purse? I'm in desperate need of a new large purse because my current one has completely had it (not surprised considering I've had it for 4 years) and I'm thinking a black one would be a better idea this time round rather than a neon pink one? Bag wise, now I'm ideally looking for something that is comfortable, stylish and can fit my laptop in- fingers crossed something on here covers those three aspects.

And that is the end of my 21st birthday wishlist, hopefully it's helped my famalam out (I see you all here) or it's given other people ideas on things they'd like.

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  1. Ahhh these are all so pretty, love your picks! The shades in the subculture palette look so gorgeous, Happy early Birthday for October :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)


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