Thursday, 6 April 2017


After taking a short break from blogging I finally feel ready to come back. So I’m going to start with my first Clinique event which I attended a few weeks ago and also a review of their new 7 day Fresh Pressed Vitamin C Skincare Range, which was the main cause for the event.

The event was a mid week brunch held at Jarrold's (an independent department store in Norwich) because of the time of the event it was small attendance wise but it was nice to chat properly to some new people.

The lovely ladies from Clinique were saying how important it is that what you eat and drink reflects what your skin looks like. So they treated us to an incredible brunch which was something else, I wish I could have it everyday! 

The event itself was so nice, I learnt so much about the new range and about other Clinique products all whilst eating amazing food. Now onto the goody bag and how my skin reacted to the new product...

Clinique were kind enough to give us all a little bag filled with some bits, there was a perfume sample, chubby highlighting stick (which I have fallen in love with, such a natural glow) an eye serum, a moisturiser to match our skin types and the 7 Day Fresh Pressed Vitamin C set. 

The 7 Day Vitamin C range is all about getting Vitamin C in us quicker as it's known to make skin look healthier and give a natural glow. However unfortunately for us here in the UK we don't get much sun throughout the year so Clinique have came up with this- they've found that the best way to get Vitamin C into the body quick enough is to put it directly on the skin rather than digesting it with supplements. 

There are 2 steps to the 2 times a day daily regime, a powder cleanser which is activated when mixed with water, I will say that you need to use a cleanser before as this isn't a cleanser to remove makeup in my opinion. You then use 2 pumps of the gel daily booster, this stuff smelt disgusting- I get that Clinique products don't have a scent but this was so off-putting for me, I still pushed through but it was not great. 

As you can see in my bare faced photos I'm publishing all over the internet my skin improved dramatically in just 1 week. My skin has a more natural glow and just looks refreshed, I have noticed the difference since I stopped using it and would 100% recommend it to anyone and Think I'll be picking it up again for myself soon.


  1. That event looks so lovely - the food! I have been so curious about the Vit C from Clinique. I have heard its probably the most efficient way of packaging Vit C. I am going to have to check this out but I am so scared its going to be expensive!

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