Tuesday, 24 January 2017


So throughout January I seem to have accumulated quite a few new beauty bits.. Now I know it's just been Christmas but I haven't treated myself in SO long so I just couldn't resist and what started out with just a couple things ended up with me getting a new delivery everyday.. oops.

First up is the much loved ABH Modern Renaissance palette, at first I wasn't bothered about having it (mainly because of the hefty price tag) but I kept seeing everyone saying how amazing it was so me and sister decided we could justify it if we went halves seeing as we use each others palettes all the time. Then we have the Morphe M492, to be honest when I ordered this I thought it was going to be bigger but it's fine because I can just use it for concealer. I then got two more blending brushes for my eyes- in my opinion you can never have so I got the Morphe M330 and Makeup Revolution Pro E103

This is quite an exciting one because I finally got my hands on the Morphe 350M this palette has been  floating around for some months now but I just didn't have the money during the short time of release however last week I got an email saying it was back so headed straight to BeautyBay to order it. Secondly I got the Morphe 12Z palette, this is mainly for the green and silver (I'm really bad at buying palettes just for one colour..) for my cheer makeup but actually looking at it there are some really nice combinations that I'm excited to play around with! 

To go with my other palette for cheer makeup I also really wanted to try this metallic green Makeup Geek (in the shade Envy) so of course because I was doing a MUG order I just had to get Cocoa Bear after hearing people bang on about it for however long! I was then tempted by a Z-Palette but couldn't justify the price of one and remembered that Freedom had their own one so went for that instead for only £5! I haven't tested it myself yet but it's got good reviews and a massive mirror which is always handy! Lastly I picked up the Makeup Revolution, My Sign: Complete Eye Base in Libra, I feel lucky because the colours in mine are absolutely beautiful and purple really makes my green eyes pop so this was a must have for me!

To go with the above eyeshadow I got the matching Makeup Revolution, My Sign Lipgloss: Libra, now I will say I'm not a lipgloss girl, and I bought this literally for the colour however after trying it a few times it wasn't sticky and had amazing pigmentation so that's been a favourite of mine ever since I picked it up! I also got LA Girl Pro Conceal which I have been dying to try forever, and I will give you my full impressions once I have used. Another cult favourite is MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre that I'm again happy to finally have my hands on and try. I saw a dupe for ABH Dipbrow ages ago on the Freedom website and I'm running low on my ABH one so decided to give this a whirl. 

Lastly is the skincare bits I've been dying to try forever! First is the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil which I got at the start of the month and it has done absolute wonders to my skin, I will be doing a full review of this product once I've been using it for a while longer. Then I have the Pixi x Caroline Hirons double cleanser which I found after seeing some big name beauty bloggers trying it before the release date and I will tell you now this has changed my skin, I love taking my makeup off at night now! Then I finally got my hands on the Pixi Glow Tonic which is another cult favourite which I'm loving. And last but not least is the Bleach London Purple Shampoo, I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping it'll make my hair a little bit more on the ashy side.


  1. I didn't know Freedom did empty palettes! I hope you're pleased with the ABH palette, I ❤️ it so much x

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