Friday, 30 December 2016


Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you've all had an amazing time. I've been very absent but I'm going to try and get back in the game for 2017, the best way I thought of doing that was by doing a what I got for Christmas post- here's my obligatory 'this is not a bragging post I'm simply posting this because I love everything I got and I am massively nosey and really enjoy reading these types of posts.'

Now that's out of the way lets start with the beauty products I received. I got the Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret, I'd forgotten that I'd sent my sister the link to these ages ago when Lily shared them. I've only used one shade so far but there's an amazing range of colours and they feel so good on the lips. She also got me the Laura Mercia under eye setting powder, it's another thing that's been on my list for ages so I was so excited to see this there. I also got some cute nail varnishes and a boots gift card which I'm sure will be spent rather soon..

Hayden very kindly noted down some of the things I put down on my wish list I posted on here and saw these Public Desire boots, they feel amazing and I cannot wait to wear them!

Is there anything better than getting toiletries at christmas? Literally I love it, I've got such a range this year I can't see me running out anytime soon. I also got the Ghost fragrance which I haven't actually opened yet but I'm sure it'll smell amazing.

My nanny got me this amazing floral bomber jacket from F&F which I'd been eyeing up for the longest time, it's going to be the perfect jacket for the transitioning period between Winter to Spring. I also got a new hairdryer and all I'm going to say is everyone needs this in their lives. I dried my hair today and it honestly took about 3 minutes.

Hayden again saw my wishlist and got me another two things from it, a The Horse watch which is so beautiful and I think it's finally turned me into a watch wearer. He also got me the Pandora ring I was eyeing up (which was apparently extremely hard to get) he also stole my other ring to get it sized which is hilarious.

I then got a fitbit which is so exciting, I've just been tracking how many steps I do on my lazy days and its loads so I'm excited to use it on days when I have uni or cheer. I also got this awesome blog photography/jewellery plate with my initial on which I love. This next present I was probably most excited over, it's an egg poacher and I haven't used it yet but I need to ASAP to see if I can finally after all this time get the 'perfect' poached eggs!

That's it for my What I Got For Christmas 2016 post, if you did a post link it below or let me know because I'm desperate to read as many as possible (told you I was nosey) 

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  1. I love all the presents you got! That jewellery plate is just too cute, do you know where it's from? Those boots are gorgeous too! x


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