Monday, 19 September 2016


As you probably all know I love doing these little Top 5.. blog posts and I've been dying to show you all my favourite lipsticks to wear in Autumn and now we're mid September I can officially share them with you!

So I'll start by saying that liquid lipsticks tend to go out the window for me in these colder months purely because of how sensitive my lips are and how I need to keep them hydrated. I also am not afraid of colour during the day when Autumn comes, give me a good berry lipstick and that's it.

So first of all we have this Kiko Velvet Matte Red lipstick, they've actually changed the packaging for this now so it looks slightly different. But it's a nice red that looks quite sheer where I swatched it, however I get a decent colour once it's on my lips. It's super hydrating however it doesn't smudge easily (can confirm this very well because this is my competition lipstick and it doesn't budge!)  the colour isn't too red that it's one of those scary reds that you can't wear in the day if you get me?

Another Kiko (most of my dark lipsticks are Kiko, no shame) this is one of their Smart Lipsticks, I can't remember the name but it's a deep berry but with more purple undertones in. This one smells exactly like MAC ones, this one is one that I really reach for because it's so easy to just shove on and is so long lasting.

Then we've got an oldie but a goodie, Rimmel Moisture Renew in Sloane's Plum 330. I love this lipstick, it's sheer but gives you a nice colour to your lips and is perfect for if you're looking for a darker lipstick to try but don't want to commit to a more pigmented shade. As the name suggests it is so creamy it's again perfect for these months when our lips need some extra TLC.

Unfortunately it seems this lipstick was limited edition so it makes me happy that I got it when I did but it's a Kiko Intensively Lavish Lipstick in 06. This is the most perfect autumnal lipstick, I love wearing it because it's so comfortable on the lips and the colour is that perfect mix of purple and pink so it's not so overwhelming when you wear it.

Lastly is my MAC Media which is without a doubt the darkest lipstick I own (bar a black which is a more Halloween-esque one) it's also more of a brown compared to the more berry lipsticks I have in my top 5 collection. This is obviously one of my favourites, however I don't reach for it as much as I do the other 4, only because the formula isn't as creamy as the others and as I've mentioned just about every single blog post recently- my lips are sensitive so I need something that's not going to dry them up as much. The colour of this is bloody beautiful though, it's a beautiful brown/purple which is lovely for Autumn.

What lipsticks do you reach for in Autumn?

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