Thursday, 15 September 2016


As some of you may know I'm starting my first year of universtiy next week where I'll be studying Fashion Communication & Promotion. Just after results day I got quite the list of things I'd need to buy so I thought I'd share with you all the bits I've got so far.

First of all we have this cute A5 More issues than Vogue notebook from Primark, I guess it's pretty self explanatory as to why I have it but there we go. Then I was in Poundland and found this adorable little academic diary with a globe on. It's so up my street so I knew I had to get it. Then last notebook wise is this beautiful Dream one, I don't know whether I'll be using it for uni yet or blogging or cheer but I've decided to include it.

Even though this course isn't supposed to be as art based there was still quite a few art supplies on there that we had the option of getting. I love working with all 3 of these so decided to get these- all are from amazon but available in any art shop. First is some oil pastels which I've already used and they look bloody amazing, there's so many colours I love it! Then some charcoal which is such an underrated medium, I love using it. Lastly I got this 6 pack of coloured inks, I have no idea what colours there are inside but I loved working with ink on my last project at college so I'm excited to have some of my own.

I picked up a double sided pencil sharpener- the normal size for my pencils and that but the big one I thought would be perfect or my NYX Jumbo Eye pencils haha. Then I got the 20 multi-pack of thin liner coloured pens and a 24 pack of coloured pencils. I don't really like either of those for my own work but those are pretty good Bullet Journal items if not!

I then picked up an A4 sketchbook even though I hate working in A4, but I'm sure I'll get used to it again! Then my course leader has a book called Marketing Fashion which will be a very interesting read and handy to have even if we don't need it for the course itself.

Last but not least we have a variety of sponges. It said on the form it's to create texture- I'm thinking whilst painting not sure really but I just nipped into the pound store and a giant pack of the kitchen ones and some beauty ones.

After all this turned up and I took the photos my 30cm metal ruler (not sure why it has to be metal) and pritt sticks turned up. I still need to get a few bits like some new pencils and black fine liners as well as paints. I'm quite lucky because there's quite a few things on the list like digital camera, scissors (big and small) I already have because I'm a lefty, Then watercolours, masking tapes and cellotape I already have. So that is my art school stationary haul, if that's what you want to call it. I am so excited to start already though ah!


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  2. Oooo I love the notepads, especially the Primark one! You seem to have picked up so many bargains - Poundland is literally a winner for anything these days!

    Good luck with Uni, hope it all goes well! :)

    Tania | teabee


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