Tuesday, 6 September 2016


On Thursday night I had the pleasure of going to the launch night of Turtle Bay, this restaurant is unlike anything we've got in Norwich and I can tell already that everyone is going to absolutely love it. If you haven't heard of Turtle Bay before it's a chain of  restaurants with Caribbean inspired food. The 2 guys who started the business were in Barbados when they found themselves in a bar which is where they took all of the inspiration for Turtle Bay.

This is a very photo heavy post be the way! Turtle Bay's motto is Rum, Reggae, Jerk. 

We were welcomed with Passion Rum Punch, which has a 63% rum in, now this was way too strong for me so I couldn't finish it but it didn't taste bad and wasn't unbearable like some strong alcoholic drinks can be so that's a bonus. After that I was drinking Watermelon Cooler's which tasted just like fresh watermelon. I then stuck with Passion fruit Coolers, this was the perfect mix to cool down my mouth after the spicy food.

Look at their Rum collection!!

The resturaunt was done up so cool, there's a camper van that's been split in half and has seats on the inside which is just awesome. The exterior to the camper van looks incredible to, I can literally picture it on the roads of Jamaica. 

Look at how sassy this lady is on the lift of the ladies bathroom toilets!

There was some sweet potato fries and crunchy baked chickpea's which tasted absolutely amazing! They were like unpopped popcorn but softer and full of flavour- I highly recommend them to you all!

Here you can see my watermelon cooler which was perfect to cool my mouth down with after the spicy food, alongside Turtle Bay's One Love which is their version of a Pornstar Martini which my sister seemed to love.

I do apologise for the crappy food photos but these were the starters and mains we were given. We started with the Beach Food Platter which had a selection of spicy jerk chicken wings (not too spicy for me actually) pepper roti, it had a little kick but was incredible, sweetcorn fritters which I could legit eat an entire plate of. They were so good! And lastly garlic and herb flatbreads which tasted amazing and had a jerk type jelly on which was perfect to dip in!

From the main menu we had the Our Goat Curry, I'd never had goat before so was a little nervous when that was placed in front of me however it tasted amazing. The goat itself was so tender and just melted in the mouth- I think it tasted quite like lamb. The curry section itself was again slightly too spicy for me but I am quite the wimp when it comes to food. This was also bought out with Caribbean Dumplings & Sweet onion chutney, the dumplings were too doughy for me on their own but with the chutney went down a treat. There was obviously Rice n Peas to go with it which tasted incredible.

I did have a photo of the Jerk Chicken but it looks terrible so I won't include that. It came with Caribbean Slaw which was incredible- I love slaw so add that to a meal and I'll love it. Dessert wise they literally bought out a small piece of everything. The was obviously a rum cake but I could taste the alcohol too much so didn't enjoy that, the Zesty Lemon & Lime Tart was amazing and right up my street, the Dark Chocolate Brownie wasn't really for me but it was still good, Shelley got a Spiced Chocolate Pot as it was the only gluten free dessert on the menu and she let us all try some but I'll be honest it was just way too rich for me and the portion size was massive. It seems like I've just complained about the dessserts but I'm not a sweet person at all so that's probably why.

Before I finish this post I just need to talk to everyone about how cool these bathrooms are, the mirrors are old window shutters and the sinks are tyres- it's just so cool!!

Overall the evening was fab and I cannot wait to go again once they're a little bit more settled. If you're a lover of Caribbean food this is the place for you all!

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