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Makeup Revolution/Freedom London are my favourite makeup brand, there I've said it and I really truly mean it. They are so affordable but have such amazing quality products which to me means so much, I haven't got the money to try every new product that comes out on the market. I also find that the Makeup Revolution/Freedom brand are incredible at creating dupes for higher end products which again I'm all about!

First is this Eye Foil in Rose Gold we all know how much I love rose gold and this product is so perfect to just put on your lid to get that glow you need for an evening look. It does come with a little bottle of glue type stuff but I find the best way to apply it is to use a clean finger and just dab it on.

Then we've got this Freedom Dark Brown Duo Eyeshadow Powder which is a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. There's 10 shades in this range plus you can mix the duo powders to get the exact colour you need. 

Lastly in my little eye section is my very well loved Iconic 3 palette. It is a dupe for the Naked 3 and that's the exact reason why I bought it because this is £4 which is dirt cheap. I've spoken about this palette a million times on my blog but there's perfect shades for the crease and to create day and night looks. My only tiny peeve with Makeup Rev is that the packaging isn't the best and as you'll see by a few of the other items I share with you the lids just fall off!

Contouring and highlights are one of Makeup Revolution's strong points. A day doesn't go by where if I have one of their highlights on I don't get compliments on it. So the palette is the Ultra Contour Palette, it has 3 contour shades (of which only 1 which you can see I use) a banana powder which I bloody love, a none shimmery highlight with pinky tones I love.Then 3 shimmery highlights which I swear by, I like to either mix them all up or use just the real bright white one it's something else.

Then we've got one of their baked highlighters in Golden Lights. It's really buildable and is perfect for people who want to start to learn how to add highlight into their routine without blinding everyone. I got this one last year and I haven't even hit pan yet, like there is so much product in here it's amazing!

Then we've got a Baked Bronzer which has a nice lil shimmer to it. I've seen people say it reminds them of MAC Baked Bronzers and I can totally see it, so again we've got another dupe! I find it to be a really nice shade against my pale skin and is perfect for adding a little bit of a glow when I want more of one. Again this one has been around for ages and I still haven't hit the pan!

Then we've got my well loved, raved and just amazing Ultra Flawless palette. You guys know how I much I love this palette, I have full posts written on it so I'll just leave them for you all to look at.

Then we've got this beautiful lipstick in Girls Best Friend which is amazing. The product is so beautiful from the actual shade to the packaging- again hello rose gold!

Then we've got the slightly stained Ultra Metals Flawless Powder Brush it's in Rose Gold (yes team) and is perfect for powder but I've been loving using it for my W7 cream bronzer throughout the Summer! 

Last up we've got my favourite primers they have to offer. First is this Freedom Priming Water which is amazing! I'd never tried priming waters before this and find this to work so well! I also love to use it to just freshen up my makeup after a little while or a nice spritz if I feel like I look a little cakey.

Then we've got a Freedom Strobing Cream, obviously the intended use for this is strobing but I love using it to prime my face! It smells like almonds and I just love it! The packaging is so pretty and it keeps my makeup on all day.

Lastly is a Makeup Revolution Blur Primer, it really reminds me of Benefit's Porefessional and really helps blurs my pores which I love because my skin needs that at the moment. It's so smoothing on the skin and leaves my face feeling super soft- it also contains some fancy thing which basically means you get a subtle illumination when wearing.

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  1. Everything that MUR brings out is just GORGEOUS!

    Parie x


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