Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I've been loving loads of things this month, but I've rounded it up to my top 7. I've also got a music favourite hello Katy Perry- Rise YES QUEEN. I've been waiting 2 years for some new music and this song is exactly what I needed. If you haven't listened to it I'll link it for you! Now onto my beauty favs...

First up I've got Lush Magnaminty face mask. This has been working wonders on my skin at the moment as I've been having quite a bad skin month, it gently exfoliates my skin too. It smells incredible, very minty (hence the name) this has lasted me ages and I'm glad I picked up the self preserving one because it's so much easier to keep in my room or the bathroom than the fridge where I'd probably forget to use it. 

L'oreal Paris Extroidinary Cleansing Oil is the only thing that has removed my makeup since June now, so for the past two months I've been using it. Even though my skin has got more oily for the first time in forever this summer, the product itself hasn't made it worse. It removes my makeup so gently and it's just so easy to use, it smells literally incredible and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily at all, it feels so moisturised. 

Makeup wise I've been loving L'oreal Lumi Magique foundation. it's a really lightweight foundation so isn't too much on those hot days we've had this month. It's extremely hydrating on the skin and gives that nice glow from within which I love during the summer. I find it's quite a light coverage (but definitely buildable) because it covers just enough on my skin to keep me looking fresh.

NYX Studio Finish Powder has been another fav purely because I've been so oily skinned this month, the powder literally saves me- I've even been reaching for it over my Rimmel 24 hour stay matte which is saying something. It's just so fine that it doesn't feel like there's anything on my skin, the only downside is that if I get too heavy handed with this I do get a slight white glare off my skin.

Benefit Goof Proof Pencil in shade 2. I saw Benefit were giving away samples of these on twitter so I ordered one for myself seeing as the shade I got in Elle magazine was too dark. First of all this 'sample' is amazing! I love that they've kept it in the original packaging and haven't been stingy on the product. This product is so easy to just whack onto my brows for when I'm in a hurry, I haven't quite mastered getting that defined brow look I normally go for with my dip brow with this product yet but I'm sure once I've got the hang of it I'll be fine!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Rapid Spray has been an utter life saver this month, it's so easy to just spray on and I can get to my back and shoulders so easily with this. It smells amazing and makes me feel like I'm away in the tropics. 

I've been obsessed with this Lisa Angel Rose Gold Bar Bracelet that I got personalised at the Norwich Bloggers event earlier on in the month. It's so cute and dainty and I love having the personalised parts because it makes it feel more special.

Another thing I've been loving if you can tell by these photos is this awesome artificial plant from New Look, they have really upped their home ware lately and I desperately need to get in there for some more props!

So there's my July favourites, let me know in the comments or on twitter what you've been loving this month!


  1. Omggggg the face mask by lush is to die for. I always forget to the months empty post haha x

  2. Palmers is like the best smelling spray eveer!

  3. I love reading people's favourites at the end of the month!
    Fab post :)

    Charlene McElhinney


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