Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I cannot get enough of these Top 5 beauty products, so expect more to come. Check out my latest one Top 5 Nude Lipsticks here. Today's I'm talking about my Top 5 highlighters, we all love a good glow and these make me glisten. 

Makeup Revolution Baked Highlight in Golden Lights just had to be here, it's really buildable so if I just want a little glow I can get that from this product but if I want to shimmer like a Vampire (why am I referencing Twilight lol) I just add more of this product. Makeup revolution quite literally make the best highlighters and I'm never going to back down from that statement. For £3 this product is insane.

Kiko Ltd Edition Contour Highlight stick is another one of my favourites, it's not shimmery at all but it gives a really nice natural glow. Because this is in a stick form I love using this on my brow bone and it's perfect to highlight my nose and cupids bow because it's so easy to get in there. Unfortunately you can't get this exact one anymore but after looking at the Kiko website this one looks similar and is only £4.90.

I've only recently got hold of W7 Glowcomotion, I did hear people compare it to The Balms Mary Louminzer but this is way more warm toned than that. Again this is another product that you can really build up, I do prefer to use a fan brush for a more subtle look with this or my Real Techniques contour brush to get a real glow. It's £6.95 so slightly more expensive than the other 2 but completley worth it.

I love a good highlight/contour palette and these two are my favourite of all time. The Kat Von D Shade + Light palette doesn't necessarily scream highlight when you first look at it, especially compared to my others but both colours (the far left and far right on the top row) give such a nice natural glow, I like to go for these two mixed together when I'm wearing minimal/no makeup. You can only get this on the Sephora website at the moment however it'll be avaliable on the Debenhams website from September and in store from October! I got this for $46.

I can't actually find this Makeup Revolution Palette on their website or Superdrug's so I'm not sure if it's still being made? Regardless this has my ultimate favourite highligh in, the far right one on the top row is something else, I've never seen a glow like it before, my face literally illuminates. The peachy toned ones both look incredible on the skin, espeically on darker skintones. I believe this palette was only £8.


  1. I think I own more highlighters than anything else in my makeup collection tbh, I'm obsessed! The KIKO stick looks lovely, it's a shame they don't sell it anymore - I'd defo buy it. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  2. the make-up revolution highlighters look so so good! Have you tried the sleek highlighter palette 'Solstice'? I highly recommend x

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