Saturday, 20 August 2016


Keeping up with my Top 5/10 series today I'm sharing my top 10 ultimate drugstore favourites. These are products that I will constantly repurchase and just love.

This is my favourite foundation to wear during summer, it's lightweight, can be light coverage and is nice and dewy- not so much that it makes me look oily but a nice summer glow. I've spoken about this way too many times on my blog so we all knew this would make the list.

Another cult favourite, I don't think I will ever splurge on a concealer when I've got this bad boy. I remember having a slight meltdown when I head false rumours that it was going to be discontinued. 

I've been using this for a year now and it's something else, I do really love my Real Techniques one but this one has a nicer rounded bottom which is perfect for getting foundation all over. It doesn't soak up product like other sponges I've used in the past and lasts really well.

I realise as I'm writing this that practically everything I'm mentioning I use all the time on my blog, we all know how much I rate Makeup Revolution's highlighters- it just makes you glow!

I've never been into cream blushes/bronzers before but after trying this one I cannot get enough. It doesn't have a bad orange undertone so it's a really nice bronzer. It's also so hydrating on the skin and the application process is so easy, I just swirl a fluffy brush (like the Eco Tools one in the picture) into the pot and do the usual 3 shape on my face and voila, a perfect bronzed look.

The best drugstore mascara I have ever had the pleasure of using. I seriously need a new one because this one has been loved probably too much. The wand separates and lifts lashes perfectly, it gives a beautiful curl. I find it doesn't smudge throughout the day which is perfect and it's not a mission to take off like other mascaras.

I don't think I can go back to liquid liner after using this, I will say gel liner is underrated in the beauty world but I find it so easy to use. The formula is so creamy but it doesn't smudge on the eyes, it's been perfect to wear throughout the summer because I don't get any product smudging all over my eyes like other products. It's a perfect jet black and is another really easy product to remove.

Everyone knows I love these by now, I know some people don't get on with them but I do really love them. The shade (Corset) is my ultimate favourite too, it's a your lips but better shade.

I've been using this brush ever since I got my ABH dipbrow and it's perfect, I've experimented with other brushes but they're either too flimsy or too stiff. This brush is that perfect in between and is just so easy to use.

This is without a doubt my favourite of the lot. I have used this practically every single day since Christmas 2014. The shade combination is incredible and there isn't a shade which I don't use. I do really want to try the complete version of this because I love this one so much.

That's my top 10 drugstore favourites, does anyone have the same as me? If not what are yours?

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  1. I love the NYX Lip Lingeries too, they have some gorgeous shades on offer! You can definitely tell that you use that MUR palette, it looks VERY well loved:)

    Emily xo


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