Monday, 8 August 2016


Every other week, on a Sunday usually I like to have a nice little pamper evening to just relax and unwind and get myself ready for the week ahead. These are the products I've been loving using for my pamper nights.

I start by having a soak in the bath with a bath bomb, these ones are from Bomb Cosmetics and smell incredible! I also like to do a hair mask like this Aussie one because my hair is lets be honest here- destroyed from the bleach and box dyes and lack of regular cuts (sue me for being poor) so it's nice to give my hair a lil TLC. 

Once I'm out of the bath I use this Nuxe oil on my hair and any areas of my skin that are particularly dry.

Once I'm out the bath I put a nice thick body butter on, like this Savannah Bee one it smells incredible and makes my skin feel super luxurious (if that makes sense?) because of the crap weather we have here in England and the fact I'm way too lazy to maintain an actual fake tan I also use this Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanner, it works amazingly and isn't streaky at all.

I love a nice face mask and I've some how got quite a collection going on so I'm making my way through these Amie Sheet mask and NSpa Detox Warming Mask, I've also got some eye masks- Sephora do amazing ones, but these ones are Starskin which I got in a GlossyBox. I also love using a nose strip, there is something disgustingly satisfying about these. I'm using the DermaV10 ones at the moment. I'll also light a few candles to get my room smelling good and to relax me a lil more.

Lastly I like to give my nails a file and quick paint, even though this isn't really a summery colour I just love it. It's OPI Let Your Love Shine. I'll also spritz my pillows and blanket with some Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to get me relaxed and cozy, I usually spend the rest of the evening reading a book or on twitter.

So that's how I spend my pamper evenings, how do you spend yours?

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  1. This sounds amazing! I wish I had more time to do a pamper night more regularly but I think I might do a face mask and paint my nails tonight :) Sophie x


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