Thursday, 7 July 2016


After the success of my Top 10 drugstore foundations I knew I had to round up my personal favourite concealers.

PS I Love Concealer/Foundation Stick (Primark)
I was really pleasantly surprised about this concealer when I first tried it- the main use is supposed to be foundation, but I've tried that and I just look cakey as anything and there aren't enough shades for it to be successful as a foundation. So I now use it to carve out my brows and under the eye's to brighten them up. A lot goes a long way with this product as it can become cakey- I prefer to apply it with a wet beauty blender to get a nicer look. It's only £1 from primark so it's pretty accessible and so cheap!

This is such a hyped over product and I can see why. It's really hydrating and blends into the skin amazingly, the applicator itself does really help with applying it- however I don't like the tube mainly because it's so hard to get anything out of once you've used it a few times. Another I don't like is the lack of shades there are in the UK, it's so annoying because it's such an amazing formula but for my pale skin months I can't wear it to highlight.

Another really amazing and well deserved hyped over Maybelline concealer, this is supposedly a dupe for Nars Creamy Concealer (I can't comment as I've yet to try Nars, however practically everyone who has tried both has said that it's a dupe) This is so creamy and high coverage yet it feels like you've got nothing on the skin. I did find that I ran out of this faster than I did with my other concealers which is odd. And another draw back is there isn't a huge range of shades- there's enough but a few more light ones would go down perfectly.

Okay so this is my ultimate favourite concealer ever. It's ridiculously cheap, a few shades- the lightest one is absolutely perfect for my skin tone. It's got such high coverage and you don't need that much product, it also gives such a flawless finish and I've never had any problems with creasing with this product.

I picked this up in America after seeing a youtuber compare it to Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer. It's extremely high coverage, so when I've had a nasty sleep (or lack of sleep) and the designer bags are showing I shove this on and it looks so much better. I find a little bit of creasing compared to the other concealers mainly because it is such a thick consistency. I also find the formula a little drying so I have to get that wet beauty blender in there.

I'm loving doing these top products posts so if you want to see more of my favourite products let me know!!


  1. My favourite is the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer. I'm very, very pale with bluey undertones and it's just PERFECT for me. <3

  2. Oooo I'll have to give that a go because I'm incredibly pale too haha!!xo


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