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I'm finally back after a nice lil break and I'm back with my top 10 tried and tested drugstore foundations. So in no order at all...

I've only used this a handful of times as it's slightly too dark for me, however I do really love this foundation. It's got a medium-full coverage, it's nice and buildable and has such a nice formula. The packaging is nice and simple, you can't really go wrong as long as there's a pump in my eyes. This bottle came from America and I think it's a different bottle here but it's available here from £8.99.

So as some of my long-time readers know, the gel serum version of this foundation is my holy grail for summer, so I decided pick the original up. I will say I don't like this as much as the gel serum, the thing with Bourjois as a brand is that they don't have as much of a range of shades compared to most other drugstore brands so this was quite dark for me. I found it didn't stay on my skin as nicely as others and went patchy throughout the day. However my sister used it and loved it so it may have just been my skin. It's a medium finish, has a 16 hour radiance claim and did keep my skin nice and hydrated. It's £9.99 for 30ml which is pretty good.

This has been an ultimate favourite of mine since it was first released. L'oreal without a doubt has the best colour range out of all drugstore foundations, they've got their neutral, warm and cool tones then a huge range of colours in each section. I'd say this is a medium coverage that can be built up to a full coverage. It lasts all day and just sits lovely on the skin. 

I am loving this foundation at the moment, it's the one that's sold in the tube (the one that's in the bottle is the original one) it is incredibly high coverage- I find it works best to apply with a beauty blender over a buffing brush. It lasts literally all day- it's gross I know but I can go to cheer with a full face of this on, train for 2 hours, be all sweaty and gross and it'll still look pretty good! I'd say it's a pretty good dupe for Estee Lauder Double Wear. For £5.99 this stuff is ridiculously cheap and absolutely amazing!!

Another old school favourite, this is perfect for summer as it gives off such a nice glow- hence the name. It's a light/medium coverage, definitely buildable but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin which is perfect for summer. Again because it's L'oreal there is a shade perfect for everyone. At £10.99 it is on the higher end of the price range for drugstore foundations, but it's so worth it.

Okay so a quick back story to this foundation, Max Factor is the sister company of Covergirl, I fell in love with the Covergirl foundation in America (also features in this list) so when I found this out I picked it up and it's literally identical to the Covergirl one, so I'm happy- because the formula is identical to the Covergirl one I'll go over what I think about it on that part! Again at £12.99 it's on the higher end of the drugstore price range, however it is 110% worth it!

There is in fact a story as to how/why I found this foundation, so last year on my college trip to Florence my friend Ailsa wore this on the first day- she wore it from the early hours, the plane, the day we had out and then in the evening we all went to the pool and she jumped in with this foundation on- her makeup was still as flawless as when she first put it on to when she came out of the pool- this stuff is literally waterproof. It's a nice full coverage, a very nice dupe for Estee Lauder Double Wear. I love that Revlon do separate dry/normal oily/combination versions of the foundation as it means everyone can wear it! There isn't a huge range of shades, and when I first purchased it, it didn't have a pump- however they've now realised their mistake and it has a pump now! I do really love this foundation, it can feel quite heavy on the skin so I do only like to wear it in winter or for special occasions. It's another one priced at £12.99

Okay so as you read before, this is the same as the Max Factor foundation- I probably should have only included one of the foundations, however I thought for those that can only get Covergirl/Max Factor it'd be nice to find something! So back to the foundation, it's a medium/full coverage, it's a primer, foundation, concealer all in one (hence the 3 in 1 name) so if you're all about time saving, and using less products this is the one for you. It smells really good too- which is weird but it smells incredible. It longevity is amazing, I wore it all day in the Florida heat and it just stayed perfectly! A really good find! It's $11.99/£8.52

I like this foundation, but I don't really love it like my other L'oreal ones. It's high coverage and claims to last 24 hours, however  I find it cakey and it goes patchy after a while. I also found it to oxidize on my skin, it also was a few shades too dark for me so that doesn't help. For £7.99 it is priced really well.

This only just made the cut, I'm not really into light coverage foundation and I found this to be exactly that. It claims to be 24 hour but I found it to just fall off my skin (does that make sense???) and that it's weightless- I do agree however my face shows that. It is good for when you want that you're skin but a little bit better. There isn't much of a shade range with this so it is hard to find a match- despite the name. It's £7.99 on boots, but I've seen it advertised for as little as £3.50 in other places.

So there's my top 10 drugstore foundations! If your favourites are on the list comment, or if they aren't let me know what your favourites are because I do love a good drugstore foundation!

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