Monday, 25 July 2016


So a few weeks ago now myself and the other Norwich Blogger gals hosted our 4th event and it was absolutely awesome! For this event we decided to keep it simple and just have bloggers and brands networking, we expected absolutely no goodies but we still managed some awesome ones! If you want to read all about that event I wrote a post on our Norwich Bloggers blog so check that out here

The lovely Hollie from Benefit came over to chat with us all and bought everyone the most awesome passport holder ever I literally need a holiday ASAP so I can use it! Just look at how beautiful it is!! We also got a mini Lolli-Tint which I've been loving to give my lips a little bit of colour at the moment. The Curl Company sent over this awesome Enhance and Perfect Curl which despite what most people think I have unreal curly hair (thank you Pendrill genes) so I'm going to be giving this a go, my mums been using it and she's been loving it! Amie Skincare also sent out a face mask for everyone which I know a few of our girls have already used and loved so I'm excited to give it a go. The lovely Kate from Arbonne was there and after testing practically all of her products on the back of my hands she gave me a sample of their primer which feels amazing on my skin.

Just Essentials came to the event and bought practically their entire store which I loved! Those girls are the best. They very kindly gifted everyone a little bag with from their Exposed range with a brush, brow pencil (extra points for it being a blonde one!) nail varnish, lashes which as a matter of a fact I've been wearing those exact style/pair since I was 15 so I was super happy to see I'd got that pair! And a 2 pack of their new glue which is black and I just love. The girls from the Jarrolds were also there and it was lovely to meet them properly, they also had a box filled with samples from their beauty hall, I nabbed a Clinique mascara which I am loving at the moment.

And last but not least Lisa Angel were there showing an array of their jewelry and as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it, they were also offering to personalise them which was so awesome of them, I got my bracelet engraved with JP on the front and a cute little heart on the back. So if you're looking for unique gifts for people Lisa Angel are your place to go!

Massive massive thank you to every brand that got involved with this event it was amazing! If you're a blogger/youtuber in the Norfolk region (or just happen to want to come to one of our events) check out Norwich Bloggers twitter for our latest events and sign up to our mailing lists!!

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