Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I love doing these How much is my face worth little posts, I think they're a really fun way of showing everyone what you're loving/wearing at the moment and it's also so interesting to see how much your face is actually worth! So today's one is a summer edition. I've been going for a more light base and not really wearing much on my face because of how hot it's been.

I've been loving spritzing this on my face when doing my makeup because it's nice and cooling and it's an awesome primer!

This foundation is made for summer skin, it's so breathable and so easy to apply. I've got a full review on it here.

I swear by this stuff, it locks my base makeup down perfectly.

Literally the best concealer of all time, that is all I have to say.

This has been my holy grail brow product for nearly 2 years and I just love it so much, I never want to be without it. It's practically waterproof so is perfect for this sticky humid weather.

I love contouring with this product and giving my face more of a bronzed goddess look.

Makeup Revolution without a doubt make one of the best highlighters out there, this stuff makes me glow for miles. My highlight is always on fleek when I'm wearing this.

This mascara gives me long lashes to die for in a matter of seconds so it's so easy to just shove on.

This lip cream is amazing at the moment, it's keeping my lips nice and hydrated and the colour stays put for a good amount of time.

Grand Total- £109.19
Ouch that hurts a little.. but there's a nice range of high end and drugstore products in there, there's also some multi-use products, so it doesn't make me feel as bad.

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  1. I love benefit hoola bronzer, definitely can't live without it in the summer :) Great picks!

    Lotte |


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