Monday, 18 July 2016


So today I somehow managed to get myself an interview at Benefit Cosmetics, I won't lie I was absolutely bricking it purely because I spent way too much time on the internet reading horror stories. I was shaking so badly walking in there, but I really had nothing to worry about.

The first stage of the interview was just a quick chat with the store manager, she asked questions like why I wanted to work at Benefit, times I've given good customer service, a time when I've dealt with a sensitive situation and when I've worked as part of a team.

Once I'd passed that stage I was asked to come back a couple hours later for my 'audition.' This part of the interview is where most people struggle. You have to go out onto the shop floor and basically grab customers to give them a free mini makeover. There were 4 of us at the audition so it was a pretty nice amount and the other girls were lovely!

The store manager went through all of the products and told us abit about the best sellers so that we could pass that knowledge onto customers. We then had to set up our station with all of our brushes and disposable wands and cleaning products. Once we'd got our stations set up we were set free, I literally got my first customer within seconds, I turned around and she was there so I grabbed her and did her makeup.

I did struggle getting my second customer, I was wondering around the entire store for a fair while before I got my second customer. You do have to be able to accept being told no or sometimes people being rude to you (luckily no one was today) but that is like that with any sales job. I've done cold calling before and people have far more balls to be rude over the phone than face to face so to be honest it's nothing I can't handle. 

We all had just over an hour to get 3 people to come get their makeup done which we all managed to do. I think the reason there are so many horror stories about the interview process at Benefit is because a lot of people aren't up for hardcore sales- Benefit is more of a sales environment than other counters and that's just the way it is. Once you've got over the first customer you can easily get others.

I really enjoyed my interview and it was lovely to just spend a day surrounded by lovely girls and makeup! I'll find out whether I got the job by the end of next week so hopefully! Either way I had a blast!


  1. Good luck! I've read a few posts like this and they were all really negative so I was pleasantly surprised by this! I have to say, I do get put off by hard-sell, especially as I know exactly what I want anyway, sadly it's one of the reasons why I usually choose to buy makeup online.

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    1. Thank you!! Yeah I read sooo many negative posts I was so nervous haha! Yeah I know what you mean, a lot of people don't like it (I don't a lot of the time haha)

  2. This sounds like a nice interview- well done! My fingers are crossed for you! x

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  3. Awww lovely reading this interview! I'm glad it went well & good luck sweetie <3! I hope you'll get the job! :)

    Serene |


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