Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I've had these lipsticks ever since they got released in the UK thanks to Rebekka and her informative/spendy ways. They featured in my monthly favourites and I can honestly say nothing else has touched my lips except these two beauties. 

The thing I like about this collection is that they're obviously all nudes and named after lingerie/bedroom esque things, they're £6.50 which is an amazing price for what you get and the quality. I ordered the shades Corset and Teddy to test out how the product was in a darker shade compared to a more subtle shade. The one thing about Corset is that it's that bit too light against my skin tone so it looks like I haven't got anything on my lips which is okay if that's the look you're going for, however if you aren't Casper the ghost it would look beautiful on you!

I'm going to start by talking about the wands.. they are really nice and soft however are massive for what you're using them for- my lips are pretty natural big however because of how big the brush is I struggle getting the product on nice and evenly around my cupids bow. I've heard from other bloggers that they love the other wands from the NYX Lipstick collections so perhaps they should just shove those in instead!

The formula is what I love most about this product which is probably the most important thing about a lipstick really isn't it? So it goes on pretty much opaque- the one thing I will say is that Teddy does dry pretty quick and pretty patchy- so that's where the annoying big wands get me in trouble. Then if you try and sort out your mistake by adding more it sort of gets really thick and flakes off. Having said that once it's dried it does not flake off in the slightest, it's only ever so slightly drying on my lips- I do have very sensitive lips though so I just add some lip balm before I apply and when they start to get dry and it's all good. 

The product lasts really well on my lips, I'd say at least 5/6 hours without any touch ups and that includes eating and drinking which is pretty good going considering some of my other liquid lipsticks. The one thing that puts me off is that once you have applied the product it takes a couple minutes to dry completely and it turns into a sticky residue during that process which is irritating and just annoying, but once it's dried you can't even feel anything on your lips.

I'd say for if you're looking to try liquid lipsticks, especially nude ones this collection is the one to go for. There's 12 lipsticks in the collection, so something for everyone and for £6.50 you really can't go wrong. The pros out weigh the cons massively so it's totally worth it! I need to pick up a few new colours ASAP because I'm just so obsessed! These are available online at boots and most larger boots are starting to get NYX stands so keep an eye peeled in your local!


  1. Corset is a gorgeous shade, looks perfect for me! These look really similar to the Kylie lip kits everyone is banging on about ha ha.

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

  2. I'm looking into NYX liquid lipsticks atm! I've just tried the Australis but want a comparison! NYX do such a great job plus I love the price and the fact they are all nudes! Awesome review, its a shame about the large wand though I feel like this wont help haha! x

    Rai | utterardour.blogspot.com

  3. Oh those colours are gorgeous, especially teddy!

    Emily x

  4. i'm obsessed with NYX atm, sadly I only own one of their lingerie lipsticks! Corset looks like a gorgeous shade!




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