Friday, 27 May 2016


I like to keep this little travel Sephora bag in whatever bag I've got whether it's my college bag, gym bag or cheer bag so I have all of my must haves in one place that I can easily get them or transfer them!

I need to keep my favourite Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm with me at all times, I have such sensitive lips and this just soothes them so well so I'm always reaching for it.

I do usually keep about 4 different lip products in my handbag anyway but always keep a nice ole nude in there, at the moment it's MAC Velvet Teddy for when I just want something quick and easy to shove on my lips.

Hair ties are an essential for when I'm going between college and the gym/cheer where I'll need my hair out of the way so I just keep a few in my bag. I don't go for any particular colour or brand just whatever I can get my hands on first.

I always like to keep a nice hand sanitiser in my bag too, I travel on way too much public transport and go grubby areas (aka toilets and cafe's at college) so I keep this cute little Christmas one from Bath & Body Works in there!

I hate the feeling my hands being dry, to the point where it makes me feel uncomfortable so I keep my trusty Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy Cream in there, it smells incredible and the smell reminds me of Italy for some reason? 

A small deoderent is an essential when you do the walk from my bus stop to college (literally end up breaking in a full sweat every single time) or when you just need to freshen up, at the moment I've just got a small Dove deoderent in there.

Lastly sanitary items, now I don't actually keep them for myself as I don't get periods whilst on the injection, but I'm in a class full of girls and teams filled with girls and ya never know when mother nature is going to spring her gift onto you! 

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