Sunday, 1 May 2016


I seriously cannot believe we're in May already.. 2016 is moving way too fast! I've been really out of it with blogging the past few months and my aim for May is to get back to my usual 3 day a week posting schedule. Anyway back to this post- my April favourites!

First up are these Superdrug Micellar Wipes, I got given these at the Makeup Revolution Party and sort of forgot about them until I was rumaging in my collection. I'm not a fan of makeup wipes usually as they make my skin feel really tight, however after using these my skin feels so hydrated and refreshed! So for £1.29 you really can't go wrong.

Next there's this sample duo of the This Works: Sleep, breathe in inspiration and deep calm pillow spray. I've had an awful time trying to sleep the past month or so, so I've been using the deep calm pillow spray to help me relax and it's really worked! The first few nights I used it the strong lavender scent made me feel slightly ill but I've adjusted to it nicely! 

Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm, I'm bringing this back again after faffing around with so many other primers and none of them being anywhere near on par with this. If you want a full review check out mine here.

Freedom Strobe Cream is my new favourite highlighter if I want a more subtle glowing from within look. It's not quite as shimmery as the Seventeen 3 in 1 highlighter which is another favourite of mine but this one is just as good! Plus it's got the most amazing almond scent- it literally smells like a Cherry Bakewell and I'm all about makeup smelling like food!

So by now I feel like you all know I'm a massive Katy Perry fan/katycat, and this woman is bringing out perfumes left right and center (although now she's moved onto matte lipsticks) I got Mad Potion from Hayden for Christmas after we found the gift set whilst shopping in America. Compared to her Killer Queen/Royal Revolution fragrances I've been switching between for months now Mad Potion has such a sweet scent and lasts so much longer on my skin, it's slightly more mature than her other sweet-perfume Meow which I do really like. 

Next up we've got Bare Minerals Original Skin Foundation, again I did a full first impressions/review on my blog earlier this month so check that out here.

Lastly are my new holy grail lip products Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks in Corset and Teddy. I do have a full review coming later this week but to sum them both up- they don't dry your lips out, don't flake off and I feel like there's nothing on my lips!

Let me know what your favourites have been this month!

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  1. Bare Minerals is my absolute holy grail, the stuff is amazing, couldn't live without it! Can't believe we're in May already too, crazy how fast the time goes.

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee


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