Tuesday, 12 April 2016


My Nanny gave me these Bare Minerals products as she didn't like/use them and I've always been interested in mineral makeup but because my skin used to be so dry I never thought about purchasing it, plus I'm always dubious about dropping more than £15 on a product I don't know much about.

I knew that because of the powder concept my skin needed to be silky soft and smooth before I even thought about putting this on my skin. So I started by exfoliating my face with Lush's Magnaminty face mask to get rid of any dry skin, I then took Simple's Kind To Skin moisturiser to get my skin nice and soft. Finally to prime my skin and give it an inner glow I used Freedom Makeups Strobe Cream.

I used a stippling brush to put the product onto my skin, at first it looked like I had nothing on my skin but once I started adding a second layer the coverage really surprised me. I'd say it's a medium/full (more full though) coverage, which can obviously be controlled by what you use to put the product on with (a stippling brush will push more product on, whereas a powder brush will give you more of a light coverage) 

It feels really nice on the skin, considering the coverage it is lightweight on the skin- I feel like I'm stating the obvious with mineral makeup but there ya go. I will say the colour match wasn't great- admittedly it wasn't matched to my skin, and I did notice that it oxides on my skin after a little while which isn't great.

My nanny also included a bronzing powder and a highlighting powder (however because of the colour match of the original powder I'm thinking of trying this as an actual foundation) the bronzing powder is very orange toned, so you need only a small amount but it did look really nice on.

Overall I do really like this foundation and it lasted really nice on my skin, I think it's going to be perfect for summer when I need something high coverage yet still breathable. I'm going to keep using this as it is a really lovely product. Let me know if you've tried any Bare Minerals products or any other mineral makeup!

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