Monday, 4 April 2016


This is a very photo heavy post so excuse that but it's just recently been Norwich Fashion Week and I attended the Designers show. The theme this year was circus which was awesome! The sheer talent these designers have is absolutely amazing so shout out to them! (I happen to have an outfit featured in this show!)

The first collection of the show was Sophie's, she really nailed the circus theme and everything looked incredible on the catwalk.

 April Lunch (Amy Green)

Amy's collection was amazing and it amazes me how she uses everyday objects to inspire her.

 Cocoon (City College Norwich aka me and my college gals)

We were given a brief of architecture and each had to design our own garment. Everyone on my course is so incredibly talented!

 Coddess (Fiona Muller)

I loved Fiona's collection, first of all she used models that were all different ages and sizes which I am allllll about, secondly she made each garment for the model so the outfit really fit the personality of the model.

Gloria combines fashion, art and nature into just one concept and uses garments as canvases for paint. The masks on the model were pretty scary I will admit but the whole collection was just so unique I loved it.

 Siofra Connor

She draws inspiration from elegant hat shapes from the 1940s and 1950s. They are absolutely stunning and you could really focus on them having the models in plain clothing.

Hannah made a collection that really reflected her style yet put more of an edge on it. She's crazy talented and has so many ideas, I'm so excited to see where my gal goes next!

Gemma Hyde

Gemma's a surface pattern designer and illustrator, her signature style is hand marbling prints, she then layers with hand drawn work. This collection of accessories and headpieces is inspired by origami, which has been made in memory of her Nanna.

This collection is inspired by architectural forms, science and nature. Veronika likes to create wearable and and she really did achieve that with this collection. I loved how all the girls looked like they'd just come from space, it was definitely one of my favourite collections.


This collection re-designs well loved clothes into something completely new and all profits go to Break Charity shops.

At last years designers show Joanne's collection was without a doubt my favourite, she pulled out and amazing collection again this year. I just love how bright and in your face the garments are, the fact she challenges the boundaries of materials to create something amazing like the hot glue gun dresses- that is amazing! And the big circle dress (modeled by my awesome friend Alex) was a show stopper to say the least, so cool.

BECCI (Becki Ball)

This collection focuses on detailed patterns and vibrant prints, she's taken simplistic shapes and constructed them into something sophisticated and unique. Because of the dyeing process not one piece of fabric will be the same so every garment is completely unique.

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