Friday, 8 April 2016


So I was tagged by the lovely Katie to do this challenge, and it really was a challenge. The idea of this is pretty simple, get a full face of makeup for £20. Katie went out and bought everything new but seeing as I'm a poor student with wayyyyy too much makeup as it is (the limit doesn't exist though) I decided to have a rummage around my collection to see what I could find.

I decided early on that I needed to find ways to multi-use products to get the most out of it so I only have 6 items and they're from 3 different brands!

To prime my skin and give it a nice summery glow I used the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream (£8) 

For foundation I went with a Primark foundation stick (£1) which I usually use for concealer but I forgot how much I like this product- it's really full coverage although can look slightly cakey if you're not careful so I really blended this in.

Brows was where I got very worried and stressed a bit- finding a product that works for a blondie (turned grey) is hard work, however in the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette (£6) the cool toned bronzer that I use for contouring was perfect! It obviously doesn't have any red undertones and it just worked really well so I'm impressed with that one.

To carve out my brows I used the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix concealer (£6).

On the lids I started by setting them with the banana shade in the contour kit, I then used the lightest bronzer to carve out my crease, I then used the darkest bronzer shade to carve it out some more and put it on the inner corner and outer v, I then took the darkest highlighter and put that in the center of my lids to create a pretty halo look. On the lower lash line I just repeated what I did on top then smoked it out with the lighter bronzer. On my brow bone and inner corner I put the lightest highlight. Mascara wise I went with a Primark mascara that is incredibly underrated- the brush is amazing and it got literally all of my lashes, for a £1 mascara you can't go wrong.

I then used that same Makeup Revolution concealer on on my under eyes to highlight and set it with the banana powder in the contour kit. To set my entire face I used a mix of the pinky shade and the banana powder from the contour kit.

I contoured using the same Makeup Revolution palette, using the same shade I used on my brows. I didn't bronze using the usual bronzers I used the darkest highlighter only because my face was looking abit dull from the foundation so I wanted to bring it back to life. Then to highlight I used the white highlight which is my ultimate favourite and could quite literally blind someone- so obsessed with it.

Finally on my lips I used a MUA lipstick (£1) I can't decide if barbie pink is my colour or not? I do really love the formula of the lipstick though so I can't fault that!

And here's the final look! 

I tag these lovely gals! If I haven't tagged you but you wanna give it a try go ahead and tag me in them once you have I'd love to see what everyone comes up with!

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