Monday, 14 March 2016


 Excuse the photo heavy post but I thought the best way to share all of my photos with you would be this way then link my vlog underneath for you all to watch!

Makeup Rev's 2nd birthday party was held at the beautiful Cafe De Paris- a luxury club in London, it was truly lovely in there and I definitely would love to see it on another night!

There was this massive chocolate fountain with all sorts of nibbles to dip from, in fact there was amazing canapes being passed around the entire afternoon and night! My personal favourite was the mash potato, with beef and sauce on top- utter perfection!

There was makeup to swatch and look at from all three of the brands under the TAM beauty range, Makeup Revolution, I <3 Makeup and Freedom Makeup. Seeing a lot of it in person rather than online had swayed me very much into making a rather large order...

Scott Mills the radio 1 DJ was there to sort out some music for the night!

I of course met lot's of lovely ladies whilst at the event and we manahge

Makeup Revolution and Superdrug were also incredibly kind enough to give us these amazing goody bags! First of all the bag itself is just perfect for bloggers because it's in rose gold which I love!! 

From Makeup Revolution we got-
Antibacterial brush cleaner
Rose Gold Girls Best Friend lipstick, 
Rose Gold Powder Brush,
 Strobe Cream, 
Freedom Pro Artist Pad

From Superdrug we got-
Body Wash
Makeup Remover Wipes
Fake Tan
Semi Permanent Hair Colour


  1. This looks amazing - so jealous I wasn't there! You'll have to get some reviews up of your goodies when you've gotten around to testing them.

    Sammy xo.

  2. An excellent event! Planner of this event is a reputed planner, Designer and Makeup Artist. She is my inspiration. I really want to be an equally successful event Coordinator and want to plan events at best venues. Hope to make my dream come true one day.


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