Tuesday, 8 March 2016


The other week I went to my local Cuba Revolution for their new menu launch and mojito making masterclass. Our lovely hostess was telling us that the owners of Cuba Rev's went over to Cuba to find out exactly what their local food is like, they even went into the kitchens of local restaurants to see how the chefs make everything. They've also now got completely fresh ingredients which makes the food taste extra good!

To start with there's the best bar food ever.. pork scratching, spicy nuts and banana chips- I can honestly say the pork scratching are the best I've ever had! I ate both bowls of them.. 

As soon as we got there the lovely bar man gave me and Charlie this massive jug of a berry and rum cocktail- it was abit too strong for my liking but still was pretty good!

I had this last time I was at Cuba Rev's, now they even make their own tortilla crisps which is fab! The guacamole is still as incredible as I remember- it's got the perfect amount of coriander in and is just so fresh. The salsa is perfect too as it's not too spicy.

This chicken in a goats cheese sauce was absolutely incredible, the skin was grilled so perfectly that it was nice and crisp but the chicken was still good and moist (I'm sorry for using that word hahahaha)

Butternut squash chips with a jelly were amazing! I also tried sardines- I was very pleasantly surprised by these, I've never had sardines before mainly because the only type that I ever see are the gross tinned ones.

Beef kebab with sweet potato chips and some type of black beans which weren't to my taste (sorry haha) but the rest of it was really lovely, beef was nice and tender, cooked to perfection and well you can't really go wrong with sweet potato chips can you!

I can't remember what type of fish this was but it tasted pretty damme good, even though it still had pretty vicious looking teeth in! The potatoes on the other hand.. oh my word, heaven on a plate!! That mixed with the garlic mayo is just what everybody needs.

This was a pretty beefy meatball burrito, I attempted it but I wasn't really feeling it, the salsa again was so lovely and fresh to balance out the spiciness of the burrito.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this burger... Done? I will say the burger itself was charred just a bit too much for my liking but everything else in it was on point, the chips were amazing too.

Fried bananas in a chocolate sauce.. Not really my cup of tea if I do say but I gave it a go and it was okay- I'm not much of a dessert person, especially when it comes to chocolate so it's not a surprise I didn't like it. 

Churro cheesecake, now this is what I'm talking about! I could eat this all day everyday! The cream, churros and fresh fruit just ahhhhhh!!!

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