Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I can't believe I'm already onto day 3 of my Disney posts! You can read day 1 & day 2 here. We went to Magic Kingdom for breakfast, Florida Mall, swimming at our hotel then Epcot in the evening.

Because we were in the park a good hour or so before opening times we got to take full advantage of the photographers and had this cute lil photo in front of the castle!

We had breakfast in Be Our Guest and oh my word it was amazing- the menu was in French and I can't remember the exact name of what I had but it was egg and ham on toast covered in cheese with fruit....

There were so many lovely features in the restaurant like the ballroom looking exactly like the one in the film, or the windows having 'snow' coming down- everything was just so perfect down to the last detail.

For some reason the park was handing out balloons and despite us only going there for breakfast we still got one each because who can resist a Disney balloon?!!! Hayden tied them to his bag and looked so bloody cute walking through the exit haha.

We drove to Florida Mall (rather successfully if Hayden would of followed my instructions) but we still managed to get there and get some shopping done!

To relax from our busy morning we just chilled in the pool in the afternoon, it was so nice to just relax but still be in Disney.

Epcot all lit up truly is a sight that everyone needs to witness.



Thumper & Flower

We decided to have dinner in England that night- the fish was awful.. Soz Disney you just can't reproduce our lovely fish n chips!

There was the cutest Twinings Tea shop which had loads of Twinings stuff for sale (we can get it here so obviously didn't get anything) As well as this adorable tea pot and cup!

Model Village which had a mini train that went round (This was inspired by Walt Disney himself who had a train track in his garden which was built for adults and children!!)

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  1. How exciting! I'm hoping to make a visit to Disneyland Paris in November and this post just makes me excited!

    The details in the restaurant where you had breakfast are quite something! I love the floating rose and the ballroom details. I also love the model village, I'm quite partial to miniature things!

    ~ K


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