Monday, 25 January 2016


As some of you may know me and my boyfriend went to Disney World in December for a week. I did vlog it all so keep an eye out for that but here's it all in photo form! This is an incredibly photo heavy post so sorry for that but I couldn't not include everything haha!

Travel Day- Monday, 7th December 2015!

On route to Gatwick airport!

 Nando's breakfast which was bloody amazing- so gutted it's exclusive to Gatwick south!

View from the plane

 I loved watching where we were (they even had where the Titanic sunk!)

We stayed in the All Star Music Resort- apparently one of the most basic Disney hotels but still utterly amazing!

Our first meal in America! We both got wayyyy more than we could stomach which resulted in me eating chicken nuggets and chips in bed at 4.30am because of jet lag!

Day 1- Tuesday, 8th December 2015

One of the suites at the Music Resort.

First breakfast of the trip- we shared breakfast every day of the trip as portion sizes are bloody huge! 

These little bands were everything- our room key, park tickets, we paid for our meals with them! So incredible and our names were printed on the inside!

On the bus to the park- I decided to go for the sparkly ears!

Entering truly the most magical place on earth!

The first character we met was Minnie in front of the giant Christmas tree!

First photo of the castle!

It was practically perfect to meet the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (omg I'm so sorry haha) Mary Poppins!

You will see on my vlog about my meltdown meeting Aurora!! Even her dimples are perfect!

The first ride of Disney World was Small World- a tradition I bought over from Paris!

Tinkerbell was the sweetest!

Big Thunder Mountain was incredible!

I wasn't sure on this at first but the audience connection was amazing and it was absolutley hilarious! If you're ever in Disney World check this out!

Space Mountain is quite literally my favourite ride!

Dumbo was a really good ride to see some of the sights and rest up for a bit haha!

We met ariel in her under the sea cave!

The last ride of the day was the carousel which was so lovely!

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