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As some of you may know I am 1/3 of the ladies behind NRWBloggers, creating events for bloggers in and around Norwich. It's been exactly 1 year since we held our first event and since then we've had 3 awesome events. I have learnt so much about bloggers since doing these events- this post is going to focus on the bad habits I've noticed since hosting events, don't you worry there will be a post all about the good things I've noticed coming up!

1) Bloggers don't like to reply to emails
The amount of times I will send emails out, whether it's to do with if they're still attending or time changes- and the amount of times I've had 3 emails back from 60 people is actually ridiculous. I think it's so rude to not just reply, mainly because the emails I send just need a quick yes or no answer?

2) Bloggers will tell you they are coming- they're lying
Here's a fun fact for you, for the NRWBloggers summer event we had 40 bloggers confirm a place, this meant we had to find a venue that big, things to do for that many people, companies to gift that amount of items (which isn't easy at all when asking for that amount!) Have a guess of how many people actually turned up.. A big fat 13- only 2 people had the courtesy to actually tell us they weren't attending. Because of this we will never host an event that big again. It was so embarrassing to hype up having that many people and to have only 13 people show was ridiculous. I will add that the people that did show are awesome and we had a fantastic time so the others really missed out.

3) Some bloggers just want the goody bag
This was an obvious one. There's always going to be a few who attend an event just for this. They'll turn up for half an hour then sneak away with a bag full of goodies. The thing that bothers me most about this is that they don't even bother to network with other bloggers or get involved with the activities we have planned. To be honest they're the ones missing out- and they won't even realise it because they're too interested in what freebies they're gonna get!

4) Bloggers don't write about events
I think this is the most frustrating of the lot. Because a lot of brands will send out items in return for blog posts which is completely understandable and we believe that our bloggers will write about it. But do you know what- at least 75% of them don't. This becomes increasingly frustrating and embarrassing because when PR companies email asking for blog links and we can only send 4 links when they're expecting 40.. that is just wow.

I feel like I've been a massive negative nancy in this post but I really needed to get it off of my chest because I don't think I can organise another event without venting. But if you're reading this and you go to events, just be aware of how much hard work it really is to do all this and what we have to do to produce these events! Keep an eye out for round two of this post- it'll be a positive one!


  1. You are totally justified in writing this darling, it's such a shame that some bloggers don't get this. I mean they are kinda running little businesses themselves by being a blogger so you'd think they'd understand. Why go to an event and not write about it? It benefits everyone. Even as a newbie blogger I get this. I loved your event and so gutted I missed seeing you all over Xmas cus of work. I hope you do another event this year and I'll be sure to book it off work :)

    Wendy x

  2. That's definitely frustrating!! It can be hard with mixed bloggers sometimes - e.g. The goody bag at the summer event was filled with beauty products, even though it was an 'all types of bloggers' event. It was amazing to receive such amazing products, but for me (as a travel and food blogger) I couldn't really write about that on my blog. I felt really bad about that though!! I think you're doing the right thing by specialising in 'beauty' events etc to help keep the bloggers relevant. Hopefully people will read this and realise what they need to do for future events! See you soon :)

    Alys x

  3. I'm thinking about hosting an event in the summer time in my local/ surrounding area and this post really does bring to light the things to expect when organising an event or even a meet up. I have to be honest I have had to pull out of events before due to work commitments but I always let the organiser now as I think that is just common courtesy so I would be disappointed if a person just didn't show without even letting me know and I had been expecting them. Another thing is the whole goody bag situation, I wouldn't even care if I went to an event and a goody bag wasn't even included, yes it is a nice extra but the main reason is to network and actually make friends with fellow bloggers face to face rather than through social media. Thank you for your honest post I really liked reading it and I hope the negative side of blogger events doesn't out you off organising more in the future.


  4. The last two points, I can 100% relate to. I went to a Liverpool event last March and I blogged about every single product and I think I was the only one. Sometimes, they do just want the freebies and that's quite sad.

    Lovely post - enjoyed how honest you were!

    Emma Louise //


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