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I was inspired to do this tag from Danielle over at Underland to Wonderland because a) She's my favourite Disney blogger and b) I love anything Disney!

1.) Favorite Character


2.) Favorite Princess
Sleeping Beauty aka Aurora 

3.) Favorite Heroine
It's gotta be Mulan, she's technically a princess but she's just bloody brilliant! I love how she stepped up because she didn't want her poor old dad to go to war, the entire film and character is amazing!

4.) Favorite Prince
Without a doubt Eugene/Flynn Ryder, that smoulder is everything. 

5.) Favorite Hero
Prince Phillip probably, he did a lot to get to Aurora so good on him.

6.) Favorite Animal
Simba without a shadow of a doubt!

7.) Favorite Sidekick
Pascal, even though he doesn't speak his sassiness is unreal.

8.) Favorite Villain
I've gotta go with Maleficent on this one- she's probably the least evil of the lot (and least scary looking- I'm talking to you evil queen/granny from snow white!) Plus after watching the live Maleficent film I kinda have to side with her.

9.) Favorite Original Character (Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, etc)
Gotta be Micky, he is the true original and every single time I've been to Disney he's the one character I have without a doubt met (followed by Tigger!)

10.) Favorite Love Song
You'll be in my heart from Tarzan- it literally makes me want to cry every time! I love pretty much all the songs from Tarzan!

11.) Favorite Song

I Just Can't Wait To Be King is literally my favourite! 

12.) Favorite Villain Song
Mother Knows Best- Tangled, it's so catchy and funny considering it's a villain song!

13.) Least Favorite Song
Do you wanna build a snowman- it's annoying as anything and sorry to break it to everyone but Frozen is down there on my least favourite films!

14.) Favorite Kiss
Belle & Beast, when Belle kisses the Beast for the first time oh my!

15.) The First Movie You Saw
It must of been Peter Pan because my Nanny has told me how me, my sister and a family friend used to march around her living room to Following The Leader!

16.) Favorite Classic
Peter Pan

17.) Song that always gets stuck in your head
Unfortunatley it's Let It Go.

18.) Favorite Pixar Film
It has to be Toy Story mainly because it's the ultimate Pixar classic and is still so funny!

19.) Least Favorite Pixar Film

20.) Favorite Sequel
Without a doubt The Little Mermaid 2! It's such an underrated film and everything about it is just so good!

21.) Overrated Movie
Sorry it's Frozen! I do like the film, and the stories behind it. But I have had it up to here with all the hype and everyone forgetting about the original's haha

22.) Underrated Movie
Atlantis Down Under- I'm pretty sure I've met like 2 people who've actually heard of it and watched it- I love it!

23.) Movie That Makes You Laugh
Monsters University!

24.) Movie That Makes You Cry
Up, Toy Story 3 (that scene where Andy gives them away.. No I can't)

25.) The Saddest Scene From Your Favorite Movie
Just like the above!

26.) Saddest Death
Mufasa definitely!

27.) Favorite Quote
'A dream is a wish your heart makes' or 'All you need is faith and trust- oh and pixie dust!'

28.) Favorite Theme Park
This is hard for me because I've been to Paris sooo many times, it was my first park and holds such a special place in my heart, however I got back from Disney World not even a month ago and I just love it. I can't choose sorry!

29.) Favorite Theme Attraction
Small World- honestly the ultimate ride for every age. Pirates of the Caribbean (pairs version) only because the Paris one is more exciting. For a more thrill seeking one it's gotta be Thunder Mountain, even if it is pretty tame.

30.) Favorite Theme Park Show
It has to be Wishes- honestly it is the most magical thing ever, I defo did tear up when watching...

Hope you all enjoyed that & I tag everyone who reads this to do it! Even if you post your answers in my comments! On another Disney note my Disney World posts are coming (this week in fact!) and my Disney vlog will also be coming shortly so keep an eye out for that!


  1. How adorable! Tigger is my favorite as well. Hes so cute. Looks like you had a great time. I haven't been to Disney World in the states since 2009. T_T You make me want to return. So pretty photos and cute answers.


  2. I love this so much! Some fab answers and ever better photos! Oh goodness Toy Story heart!!
    And thank you so much for talking so kindly of me and my blog <3

    Danielle xo

  3. Definitely agree with The Little Mermaid 2 being a great film, I love it + this blog post

  4. I love Mulan and/or Ursula in the Little Mermaid. Also Frozen sucks. I can't deal with it lol I've heard 'Let it Go' so many times.

    E x

  5. Such a cute post! I love Disney too, I'm going to do this tag :) Sophie xx


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