Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 GOALS

Seeing as writing down my goals for the year seemed to help me last year I thought I'd do the same again this year. 

1) Loose Weight
This was on last years goals and I managed to actually loose about a stone and a half which is pretty amazing, this year I'd really like to match that or loose 2 stone. 

2) Exercise More
I want to try and exercise at least once a day- I'm currently at cheer two times a week anyway so that's pretty intense. Then on my busy days when I won't have time for a big workout I'd like to be able to just do something like the 3 minute butt workout- which is actually pretty intense.

3) Know My Worth
I've decided I'm not going to be working for exposure this year- I feel that my work is worth more than a mention or RT. So any opportunities that I may get this year I will only be accepting money as a payment because as we all know we put a hell of a lot of work into what we do and we don't deserve how we get treated most of the time.

4) Start YouTube
I've been thinking of starting for god knows how long now and I really think that this year (hoping this month) will be for me!

5) Host At Least 2 More NRWBlogger Events
The past 3 events have been so much fun to organise and host (even if it's stressful as anything) I've got so many ideas for new events so me, courteney and hannah will have to meet up to discuss soon!

6) Get Into Uni
I'm already a year late, and I'm still not entirely sure if I actually want to go (my mind changes at least 3 times a day) but I'm going to apply anyway and I would really like to get into university.

7) Start My Driving Lessons
I've been waiting for over 2 years now to start but bloody epilepsy keeps getting in the way! I'm hoping that I can apply for my licence in October so lets hope I stay seizure free!

Let me know what your goals or resolutions are for 2016!


  1. 1. Pray more
    2. Read bible daily
    3. Move home (specific area/house)
    4. Promotion at work
    5. Family time
    6. Couple time
    7. Growth of blog and small business
    8. Holidays/breaks

  2. Good luck with getting into uni! I've recently posted about my goals on my site - if you fancy a read x

  3. I think you are doing great on every front Justine! If you manage to get into uni that's such a great opportunity!! You are welcome to JOIN Coco et La vie en rose BEAUTY LINK UP

  4. You have some really good ones, and some of mine are similar like loosing weight and getting into uni! I want to focus on doing what makes me happy, and to try and accept my anxiety and think of solutions instead of denying it.
    Ottilie x

  5. Love your goals! They're really realistic too.

    Losing weight has always been a tough one for me, because I love eating bad stuff lol. However, workingout should be fun so anything that has to do with dance or Pilates im all for.

    I agree with "Knowing Your Worth". Screw companies that expect to send free gifts for explousre. Blogging is a job for most and we should receive payment for working so hard. I think Im going to add this goal to my list, to know my worth.

    Great goals, can't wait to see how you accomplish all of this at the end of the year!



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