Monday, 7 December 2015


As some of you may know today I'm heading on my first long haul flight to AMERICA!! I couldn't be more excited! I've been doing my reasearch for months now on what people take on planes- some people just take lip balm, others take pretty much a full spa treatment. I won't be wearing any face makeup on the plane- probably just my brows and that's it.

I've done my fair share of travelling on buses and trains so I know that my skin hates air conditioning and I'll need to do everything possible to keep my skin feeling and looking good.

First up we all know how gross and unhygienic planes are, the pull down trays are supposed to be the most disgusting things on a plane so I'll be sure to be cleaning my hands after I touch anything.

To go with the anti-bacterial I've got some hand cream, I have a weird thing about constantly having soft hands anyway so I will be slathering this on most of the time. I can also use this for any other dry parts on my body. Because it's got a citrus scent it'll help me feel awake when I need it to also.

 To keep my face nice and soft I've got my favourite Weleda day and night cream! I thought I'd just shove them both in just in case I need a deeper moisturiser I can reach for the night cream. They both do wonders for my skin so I know it's a must have.

This is something that's more of a just in case or if I need to wake myself up sorta thing, I get really sore eyes and these Sephora eye masks are amazing! I picked this one up in Italy and it really is amazing. So I'm thinking if my eye's start playing up I can just shove these on for 10 minutes or if I want to wake myself up I can put them on because they cool and refresh your eyes.

Another thing that I've put in just in case, I got these from an event and haven't tried them yet but they claim to not pull moisture away from skin and give you that tight feeling most wipes do, again this'll only be used if I need to wake myself up.

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