Monday, 9 November 2015


Back when the Velvet Teddy hype was real and I was a poor student (no change there) I found this amazing Rimmel Kate Moss dupe in 03. I've been meaning to give them both a side by side review for such a long time and I'm finally getting around to it.

Velvet Teddy is a matte finish which does dry out my lips quite badly if I don't wear a lip balm underneath. It's very long lasting, even more so when paired with a lip liner, I find it to last about 5-6 hours even when I'm eating and drinking. It's got a slight brown undertone which I love because nude lipsticks with pink undertones just wash me out and look awful on me. Because it is matte if your lips are even a slightly bit chapped I do find that it clings to the dry patches and just looks abit off really. So my advice to prevent that is use a lip scrub (like the one from lush) or use a soft toothbrush and just brush the dead skin off from your lips. For £15.50 it is more on the expensive side, especially for a nude lipstick (I prefer to splurge on my darker lipsticks) however it is definitely worth it as it lasts so long- in terms of it being on the lips and actually having it. It's so wearable that it's perfect for pretty much every occasion.

Rimmel London Kate Moss 03 has a slight satin finish, which does mean it doesn't last that long on the lips. I find that when I wear lipbalm underneath (pretty much all the time) it literally slides off of my lips in just over an hour, which considering it is only a £5.50 lipstick isn't that bad. I find this does have a more orange/pink undertone compared to Velvet Teddy- but then it still is very wearable for me. 

When the lipsticks are swatched side by side (Velvet Teddy at the top) you can really see their similarities, you can also see how much more pigmented Velvet Teddy is compared to Rimmel. However if you are on a budget this is such a great alternative.


  1. Yes! I've been meaning to find a dupe for the Velvet Teddy, just what I needed! Thanks! x

    All black over on -

  2. They looked so similar! Love Velvet Teddy lipstick!

     Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity


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