Saturday, 28 November 2015

Christmas Wishlist

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Instead of doing Christmas Gift Guides which everyone else is doing (those have really helped me so if you've done one shout out to you because I'm awful at buying for people- men especially) I've decided to just show you what I've been thinking about asking for, I can then share this list with my family to give them ideas too!

1) Adidas Superstars- These were also on my birthday wishlist and they're back again! I really need a pair of simple trainers that can be worn with literally anything and I do think these are the perfect pair.

2) Makeup Geek Shadows- I am all about my shadows and it's well known that these beauties are some of the best you can get, plus they're affordable and now on

3) SkinnyDip Phone Case- To be quite honest there were so many phone cases on there and this was just a random one I picked out, I love them all (except for the glitter ones in liquid, only because of those stories about them leaking!) so I'd be happy to recieve any of their phone cases! My current on (from poundland might I add) is beautiful but falling apart so I could do with a new one.

4) H&M X Katy Perry Red Dress- This isn't on the website yet so I don't have a link but as soon as I saw this in the collection I knew I needed it. It's from Katy's collection so it's an obvious choice. It's so elegant and I think would be a perfect dress for NYE! 

5) Amazon Tripod- I know nothing about tripods so I just picked the first one I saw! But I've recently got a new camera and I've been thinking about starting a YouTube channel.. let me know what you think! So if I do start one I'd definately need this!

6) Z Palette- I'm obviously going to need somewhere to store my makeup geek shadows (if I get any that is) and this is the obvious choice!

7) Nike Flex Running Shoes- I don't actually go to the gym or anything but I am working on getting my fitness levels better, my current trainers which are just a cheap pair from Tesco's are falling apart despite only wearing them to/from cheer and at competitions? So I desperately need some new ones and think these would do the job!

8) Morphe Brush Set- I've heard such amazing things everywhere about these brushes and this set seems to have all the basics I need in! It's affordable and you can never have too many brushes.

9) Soft Box Lights- I've had enough of not being able to take photos when I want, and if I do decide to start a channel these will be an absolute dream! 


  1. I love them adidas superstars they are so nice xoxo

    1. I've been obsessed with these ones for so long now!!xo


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