Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Back in June I posted my first list of blogging goals, you can read that here. Because of how motivated it made me I've decided to assemble another list and I really hope to achieve these goals by the end of the year. 

1) Get 450 Bloglovin followers. It has taken me soooooo long to hit 400 and I'm hoping I can get 450! If you don't already follow me there here's my link

2) Hit 100 likes on my Facebook page. I'm currently at 45- I will admit I don't try as hard with facebook as I do with say Instagram and Twitter, but I'm hoping that by simply inviting more of my family and friends to the page they can help spread the word on my page. Again to help me out like my page

3) Post more outfit posts. I really enjoy putting outfits together but I lack the confidence to actually get someone to photograph them for me, obviously this will be harder to do in the coming weeks as it gets darker and the weather gets worse but I really want to try and get some outfit posts out there! Another thing I struggle with is location, I know that I hate outfit photos taken in a back garden, so I just need to scout a few places that I like.

4) Get 1000 Instagram followers, I'm using this more than I ever have, posting at least once daily, I've even managed to get myself a theme going (never thought I would but I have yayyy) in the past few months I have gained a fair few followers so I don't see why the next 250 would be any harder to get! Follow me on insta here

5) Hit 2000 Twitter followers. My twitter following just keeps growing and it makes me so happy! In the past month I would say I've gained 100/150 followers? Which seems crazy! I do need another couple hundred but I can see me hitting 2000 in the very near future... (follow me here)

6) Comment on at least 5 different blogs daily- with 2 everyday being new blogs to me. I don't comment enough on any blogs and I always feel really bad for it- I either don't comment at all or will comment on every blog post I see for an entire day. 

I will update in the new year about how I'm getting on- and I really hope I've achieved some of these goals!


  1. Great goal ideas! You've inspired me to make a list of my own blogging goals. <3

    1. Thankyou! Awesome! If you post them let me know, I'd love to see what they are xo

  2. I ĺike your list of goals and will be checking out your first blogging goal post!

  3. This is a really good list! Good luck with reaching them all! I definitely need to set myself some blogging goals in the near future! :)

    Jordan Courtney

    1. Thankyou so much! I really hope I reach them! Let me know what they are, I'd love to know!xo

  4. I think I need to do this kind of blogging goals to keep me motivated. Awesome goals btw! x


  5. thank you for the information provided, we are waiting for the next info


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