Friday, 20 November 2015


Last night was the launch of the latest bar to hit Norwich- Be At One is a chain of amazing cocktail bars, I've never been to any before but knew a cocktail bar was just what Norwich needed. Luckily myself, Hannah and Courteney were all invited to their Friends/Family&Industry opening night- although unfortunately Courteney couldn't make it.

When we first got there we were greeted by members of staff who pointed us in the direction of the bar and told us to wait there for Daisy who would show us to our table. I will say that it was so loud in there that they could probably do with turning it down just a notch (that makes me sound old) but I literally couldn't hear what the staff were saying to me.. It may just have been because it was launch night. 

Once we got to the bar we were handed a book is what I shall call it completely filled with cocktails, I'm not much of a drinker and cocktails that actually taste like alcohol don't mix with me too well, so trying to choose was bloody difficult. In the end me and Hannah both went for one of their Top 10 Best Sellers- the Popster, it had Butterscotch Schnapps, Vanilla Ice Cream and Sweet & Salty Popcorn to top. Everybody needs to try this drink at least once. It literally doesn't even taste like alcohol (could be deadly) it was incredible and so perfect for when you just want a little something.

The prices are so reasonable too, ranging from £6-£10 which I think is ideal, if you download the app (type in Be At One in your app store) you get 2-4-1 cocktails and a happy hour activated by a member of staff for when you're in there!

There's loads of booths with tables for people to enjoy their time, smaller tables for smaller parties and just areas with a bar around to stand around. I do really like Be At One- it's so different to anything we've got already, which is excellent, it's got that certain sophistication that's missing from the rest of Prince Of Wales Rd (you'll know if you've ever been to Norwich) I kind of feel that I'm perhaps too young for it? I know that if me and my friends were to think about going somewhere for pre-drinks we probably wouldn't go there, mainly because it's that bit too posh and we'd ruin the calm vibe. That being said if me and Hayden fancied a few cocktails or I needed a nice bar to go to with excellent drinks for a meeting or whatever I would 100% choose there- it's nicer for a smaller party.

I'm going to go back either before Christmas or just after, but during the day and see what the atmosphere is like. I will say the only thing that put me off was the lack of light in there and the loud music- which could have been part of the fact it was opening night. So I will give it another go, the staff all deserve a medal too- they were so incredibly friendly and couldn't do more for you which is rare to find in a bar!

 *these photos were taken by the bar photographer!*

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  1. Be at one is fun I always go to my local I love the drinks in there the best time to go is happy hour xoxox


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