Sunday, 1 November 2015


First of, where has October gone? It seems like yesterday I was counting down the days until my birthday? I'm gutted that October is over but that means it's getting close to a month until my holiday!!!! 

Skincare to start with and we've got Derma V10 Hand and Nail Cream with Bees Wax*- since the weather seems to have taken a drastic turn for the worse my hands have been needing some TLC and when I ran out of my Soap & Glory Hand Food I threw this straight in my handbag, I received this at the August NRWSummer event (read about that here) and only pulled it out this month and it is honestly so amazing- it's so thick and nourishing! It smells incredible too, I really have noticed my hands being a lot less dry and sore since using this which is all good.

Another skincare item I've been loving is the Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray* again I got this at the NRWSummer event. I love that this is a spray applicator, I just spritz on my body, rub in a voila all good to go! My legs go hideous in Autumn/Winter usually but with this they're already feeling incredible. The only bad thing with this product is that it's a tea tree scent- I'm not a huge fan of this scent as it just takes me back to having nits in first school haha.

My favourite thing about Autumn is that I can get away with wearing darker lipsticks during the day! One of my favourites this month has been one from Kiko, in their Intensively Lavish range. I love the shade of this, it's perfect for day and night wear and because it's got a satin finish it's perfect for these autumnal days because it doesn't dry my lips out!

I got this Nanshy Beauty Sponge* last week at the NRWBloggers Halloween Beauty Event (read about it here) and I've used it every day since then (hence the fact it looks abit gross, I'm sorry) it is so incredibly soft on my skin and dare I say it but I think I prefer it to my Real Techniques Complexion Perfection Sponge?

I got this Revlon Colour Stay Foundation for my birthday and have been completely obsessed with it ever since. I just love the coverage of it, the price is amazing considering what you actually get. I know that this is my new A/W foundation and as soon as I'm close to running out I'm going to pick up more! If you want a full review you can read that here

The last of my beauty favourites this month is a weird one, it's the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm used as a primer- if you haven't read why I love using it read it here and give it a go because it truly is incredible! I haven't touched my face with any other primer since I got this (sorry PoreFessional) and I won't until I run out.

Onto homeware, since I moved this month and I've got a much bigger room I've really made the effort to find new bits for my room. First up is this rose gold (yassss) tea light holder that Hayden bought me- I'm thinking of buying a few more to store my makeup brushes? As soon as I saw this I fell in love! It was only £3.50 which is amazing!! And it's just so pretty.

Secondly we've got this white wooden J which I bought from Ivy Joan at the Suffolk Blogger Meet, It fits in with the rest of my room so nicely, it was so reasonably priced and it's just so cute!! I really want/need a light up one to go with it but I do really love this!

This vanilla candle smells absolutely amazing!! I haven't burnt it yet because a) it looks too pretty and b) I wanted to wait until I moved. I don't know where it's from because I got it for my birthday but the quote on the front is so beautiful.

Lastly we've got this gorgeous 3 piece necklace from Tescos. I again got this for my birthday and it has not been off my neck since. Usually with necklaces I'll wear it for a couple weeks and that's it, but this has been going strong for nearly a month! The marble part is what pulled me to it (duh I am a blogger) but all of it is really beautiful.

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