Monday, 19 October 2015


On Saturday after what seemed like months of Daisy planning me and Hannah headed to Bury St Edmunds for the first ever Suffolk Blogger Meet. I was so excited to finally meet Daisy and other bloggers from the East Anglia area plus seeing all my good friends from Norwich (talking to you Alys & Kelly)

The venue was amazing, it was above a really cute restaurant and I think Daisy said it was a nightclub in the evenings which is pretty cool, it was massive and there was loads of brands around the room which I'll get onto, there was also cute little drinks (weird flavours but tasted amazing!) chocolates, biscuits, cookie cutters, candles and marshmallows to pick up which was such a nice gesture! 

The first brand we stopped and looked at was YooHoo Mail- they're a new stationary subscrition box service which is awesome because as far as I'm aware there isn't actually any in the market already. We were speaking to the lady for ages and she is actually a graphic designer by day anyway- but it's for more corporate designs so she really enjoys playing around with different prints and colours. Her designs are incredible so I highly recommend subscribing to these if you're looking for something new!

We then visited the Odylique stand,they produce all organic skincare and makeup. The woman there was so lovely she had testers for us all to try- there was a citrus toning face mist that I was eyeing up and I may have to make a sneaky purchase of because it smelt bloody fantastic and felt amazing on the back of my hand! I was so surprised by the quality and range of makeup they had too. There was a red lipstick that I feel may be my lipstick. I've been searching for the one for some time now and this is the perfect shade and I swatched it on my hand and it stayed all day! So it does look like I'll be making a nice purchase... I love that all the products are totally organic and everything smells so fresh and real if that makes sense?

I then visited The Charity Candle Company, their message is so simple and nice- every time you buy a candle a % is donated to a charity of your choice! She was saying she recently did wedding and did a candle for everyone as favours which is so sweet and such an innovative idea! There were some amazing scents too!

Ivy Joan are a retro homeware company and I literally fell in love with everything I saw there, I bought a wooden J because it was so cute and she had a discount for us which was so sweet! I'm already planning on ordering a few more bits because everything is so bloody cute and so well priced!

The last brand of the day was Lipiver who I had never heard of before, but their product is just formula to help prevent cold sores- now I have (touch wood) never had a cold sore, but I know the weather is upon us where outbreaks start to happen to if I can try to prevent any I shall be thrilled!

The last thing was literally the most amazing raffle I've seen- I bought 4 strips, they were 50p per strip and I'm pretty sure both books got all tickets sold which is amazing so Women's Aid shall be receiving a lovely donation soon no doubt! I won literally the cutest Alice In Wonderland print hair scarf thing, I can't wait to start wearing it!

I'd just like to say again to Daisy good job, as a fellow blogger events organiser I know how stressful it can be organising events especially considering you were on your own! But you really did amazing so good job girl! I do hope to see another Suffolk Blogger Meet Up in the near future..

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