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I got this for my birthday the other week (if you want to read what else I got here's the link) I've been using it for 2 and abit weeks now so I feel I can give an honest review of it.

-Specially formulated for normal or dry skin, this hydrating formula keeps your skin moisture level balanced with a beautiful satin finish.
     I have to agree with this claim, it is really hydrating on my skin and I know that when it gets into the colder weather and my skin gets drier I really will appreciate how hydrating it is!

-A buildable formula that blends seamlessly onto skin for a perfectly even, yet truly natural complexion all day long.
     I am abit meh about this claim, I apply a normal amount all over my face and it looks full coverage, so I guess you could if you needed to for acne, redness or whatever build it up- I don't have any of these issues so I can't really tell you much about it. I will say it goes on so smoothly and evenly- it sort of looks natural I guess if full coverage is natural?

-Medium to full coverage in 9 true-to-skin shades.
     Without a doubt it is full coverage and I love it, it's so long wearing- I'm talking Estee Lauder Double Wear timing so I'm all about that at a fraction of the price! I think the range of shades needs to be improved- 9 isn't a lot at all when you think of L'oreal True Match, luckily for me I have found a perfect colour for me but if you had darker skin tones or more yellow undertones I think you would struggle.

-SPF 20 protection.
      I'm all about SPF protection, especially for summer- but I wouldn't wear this in summer because it is such a high coverage. It is annoying that it does have SPF in though because for all that flash photography there will be at Christmas parties etc the flashback is going to be awful so I'll need to find a solution to that.

-Price, at £12.99 it isn't the cheapest foundation on the high street but for what you get and how amazing it is bloody amazing!
-Coverage, it is such a high coverage it's definitely up there with Double Wear.
-Long Lasting, this literally doesn't budge from my face once I've applied it, I know full well it lasts for over 12 hours with me eating, napping and getting a serious sweat on during cheerleading. 
-It doesn't feel cakey on my skin? Normally with high coverage foundations I just feel that I need to take it off after a couple of hours to let me skin breathe but with this I'm totally fine?
-It's a matte finish which I'm all about for winter!

-The glass bottle isn't ideal for travelling- I'm just thinking that it's going to break on my many travels..
-The fact there isn't a pump, this is so annoying because the product either takes forever to come out or just comes out in a big clump, I have found a solution and that is an old True Match Pump, it works but isn't ideal.

I have to say the pros completely outweigh the cons so that's how you know it's a good foundation! 

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  1. I never tried the Color Stay foundations but I think it's finally time that I do!

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