Sunday, 25 October 2015


If you didn't know last Monday me, Courteney & Hannah (aka the 3 behind Norwich Bloggers) hosted our 3rd event of the year (ahhh so crazy!!) This event was a special event for all of our beauty bloggers from Norwich, it was a really small quiet but lovely event with only 13 of us. Charlie Long our amazing makeup artist for the night demonstrated 2 completely different Halloween looks for us- on Courteney.

First up was this gorgeous pink smokey eye which when you think about doesn't sound too pleasant but Court rocked it and Charlie did an amazing job- I honestly think Court could wear this as a day look! 

The second look was a Poison Ivy one- complete with a wig, ivy headband and leaves on the face! This was so glittery and just looked bloody awesome. If I can find some green glitter (shouldn't be too hard considering I use it for cheer) I'm so going to recreate this! 

Charlie is so amazing at what she does, she usually does more bridal makeup but she was amazing at these looks! I'm so excited to see some more editorial looks from her in the near future! She also totally persuaded pretty much all of us at the event that we need the Naked Smokey Palette- after seeing it in person I completely agree.

The amazing people at The Bloggers Programme sorted us these amazing bags which have our #NRWBloggers tag on! I cannot wait to empty this of all my amazing goodies and start using it as an actual bag.

Kiss Lashes kindly sent us all a pair of their lashes, these are the style that I would wear anyway so I'm so excited to try these ones out. They also sent them all in an adorable purple or pink gift bag which was so thoughtful!

I Love.. sent us samples of their newest scent which is Perfectly Peach, I've used one already and it smells soooooooo good.. I do love a good peach smell. 

I do love a good brush/tool! We received these Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush- I haven't seen these in stores before (doesn't mean they haven't been out for a long time though.. sometimes I'm pretty slow haha) which I was so happy about because my original one of these got destroyed by my gel liner and lack of cleaning properly- so this is going to be awesome. Nanshy then sent us their 4 in 1 beauty sponge which is so exciting! I haven't tried it yet- the box is just too pretty! But I'm thinking of doing a comparison of that and the RT Complexion Perfection Sponge. Eco Tools also sent out brushes again- I got the domed bronzer brush which is soo soft- it's quite weighted too which is nice.

Witch Skincare kindly gifted us with a gentle exfoliating face wash and overnight clearing serum- which I am so excited to try for when I can feel a spot coming!

Virtue Iced Tea sent us some of their drinks- I got the lemon one and I wasn't too keen (sorry!!) only because it tasted exactly like cold tea with a slice of lemon in? That may be the idea but it wasn't my style. Daily Cultures then sent some breakfast tea and green tea- the breakfast tea I'll probably put in the tea jar at home and the green tea one I might try as I've never tried it before (so late to the party)

Yves Rocher sent such a range of things but I got some gentle eye makeup remover- I'm going to do a full review of that so keep your eye's peeled. Wild About Beauty sent us the most beautiful tinted lip balms, I love everything I've tried from them so far so I will no doubt love this too!

Here's a link to all the lovely ladies blogs who made our event, so be sure to check their blogs out!


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