Friday, 9 October 2015


Okay so just trust me with this one but you all seriously need to try this Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a primer- makeup guru and amazing YouTuber NikkieTutorials uses it so that must say something..

I will give credit to my sister because I found this in her room last week and was just like what on earth are you doing with that? I presumed she was using it on her legs once she'd shaved but then she told me all about how it's a crazy hyped primer in the beauty world.. Slightly embarrassing that I had no clue but i do now so we're good. I first tried it that night when I went out for my birthday meal and it was odd but worked so incredibly well and I've used it everyday since then and bold statement here but I think it's my new favourite primer.

Price: For 100ml it is currently £2.63 in boots which is ridiculously cheap! Even for a cheap primer from Makeup Academy you're looking at £4 for just 10ml! 
Super Hydrating: I always moisturise before doing my makeup anyway and sometimes I just need a little more of something on my skin to stop it feeling so tight, but when I use this my skin feels so amazing and hydrated which is perfect as we enter these colder months where our skin dries up!
Lightweight: I find with hydrating products they're usually not the most lightweight but this product literally sinks into my skin and I can't tell that I've added another product to my routine.
Has extra glycerin: Glycerin is found in most primers but for some reason this after shaving balm has extra in? Glycerin is basically a glue and leaves your skin looking super hydrated and glowing. 
Made for sensitive skin: Because it is made for sensitive skin there's not anything horrible in there, and if my sister can use it without having an allergic reaction I can vouch that it's good because she reacts to everything!!
It works: It actually works as a primer! I can put my makeup on at 7am go to college all day facing wind and rain, come home go for a quick nap, go to cheer and literally drip with sweat (gross I'm sorry) and when I get home at 9pm my face will still be pretty much perfect with the exception of red cheeks! So that's 14 hours of solid makeup! I don't even get that when I wear Benefit Porefessional!

Smells like a mans product: It has that weird aftershave type smell which is slightly overpowering when you first put it on but by the time you've got to the end of putting your makeup on you really can't notice it.
Heavy container: The container is like glass? I'm not sure if it actually is but it's pretty heavy. Saying that you do still get a lot of product so it is okay and you can transfer it into whatever container you like!
Not suitable for travel: So the container is durable and you probably could travel with it but it is heavy and pretty big, so transferring into a travel pot or bottle would be so much easier!
Difficult to get out: This is another pour straight out which when designing for the intended user (men) makes perfect sense but I have issues with this, because the product is on the slight liquid-y side it is really difficult to quickly pour some out, get the lid back on and get the product on your face without it dribbling everywhere. Again like the other issues above, this problem is nothing that can't be fixed just by transferring it to another pot.

I have to say when you really weigh it up there are far more pros than cons, mainly because all but 1 of the cons can be fixed simply by putting it into a travel sized pot! So I'm telling you all that you need to go and try this, it is £2.63 that is literally amazing! Even if you hate it as a primer you can use it as an after shave balm or give it to your dad/brother/boyfriend/husband/friend! Let me know if you've tried this or anything else weird as a primer because I really am loving this whole experimenting!


  1. Ok I'm sold, I definitely want to try this now! It's sounds ideal for the price!
    Jess X

    1. haha! Yes defo pick it up! If you hate it as a primer you can always use it on your legs, it's so hydrating for these colder months hah xo

  2. This sounds fab! Coincidence as I was literally asking dad whether he had this earlier on today. I must try it! How do you reckon it'd fare for oilier skin types?

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

  3. literally after reading this and seeing Kylie Jenner using this I am definitely going out to buy this! Looks so good and I'm in desperate need of a new primer as I'm running low! Have you used any of the MAC colour correctors as i usually mix these into my moisturiser but wonder whether it would mix well with this as a combination primer? Great post :) xx

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