Thursday, 1 October 2015


19th Birthday Wishlist

It's my 19th Birthday next week (October 6th to be precise) and I haven't really had any ideas of things I'd like, so I've done some browsing on peoples blogs and the internet and come up with quite a collection of things. I obviously don't expect to receive anything, but this is also a wishlist of things for myself that I'd like to get otherwise I just blow my money on crap.

Leather Jacket- This is such a wardrobe staple and I keep stealing my sister's (sorry pal) so I really need my own one! 

Camel Coat- I have been lusting after one of these for a while now, and after seeing ThatPommieGal aka Sarah rock it in one of her blog posts I just knew I needed it. This probably won't make the cut as my winter coat mainly because I get cold so easily and can't see it keeping me that warm..

Fringed Bag- Another one I've been lusting after for some time. I'm in need of a new bag as my current one has lasted me exactly a year now and it's still in good condition but I need something a little smaller. This looks like it'd be the perfect size for a day bag for when we go to Florida too!

Over the Knee Boots- I have been meaning to get these boots since last year. They are beautiful in every single way. I'm not 100% I'll be able to pull them off like some people but there's no harm in trying. Plus I love my over the knee boots from last winter!

Adidas Superstars- I promised myself I wouldn't get into the Superstars trend mainly because it was way too overhyped but they're just so God damme pretty! If I don't get these for my birthday I'll probably pick them up when I'm in the US as they'll be a lot cheaper!

Boohoo Shirt Dress- This is another find from Sarah's blog (I have such wardrobe envy!) I've wanting a shirt dress since summer but haven't really been able to find anything that I like, or would fit me properly- being the long legged, fat ass I am haha, but because this has the longer back I reckon it'd look fine! Plus with those over the knee boots I would have an awesome outfit.

Pandora October Charm- I didn't know these existed until my sister told me (I already have the birthstone ring) and my charm bracelet only has 2 charms on (I do quite like the minimal look though) but this would be a perfect addition because my feather charm and koala charm are both dangly so a solid charm would look perfect.

Pandora Rose Ring- Rose Gold um yes please. I was browsing the Pandora website and saw this and just thought I seriously need it. Can Silver and Rose Gold go together? If not my right hand will be rocking Silver and my left shall be Rose Gold?

Makeup Revolution Contour Palette- Of course I need some Makeup Revolution on my wishlist! I have yet to try this palette despite it being out for a fair few months now? So I really hope I get this or I get some money to pick it up as it looks amazing!!

LA Pro Conceal- I have been seeing this all over YouTube for way over a year now for contouring and I seriously need to see what the hype is about! I'm not entirely sure how easy it is to get hold of over here though, one of my friends got her's from Ebay but I'm abit weary when it comes to getting cosmetics off there. So if I can't get it here I'll most definitely pick it up in America!

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation- A new full coverage foundation is well needed for this time of year and after seeing how amazing it looks on ChasingRubies over on Snapchat I've decided I'd quite like to try it out!

Urban Decay Naked Smokey- Is this really any surprise? I have been wanting this ever since it was first released, but being jobless- justifying that amount is hard. So I'm hoping to receive this- if not I will get it in America (can you tell how excited I am about the shopping I'm going to be doing?!)

Canon Printer- Such an odd request for a 19 year old.. I really need this because we don't have one in the house and it makes doing college work that bit harder. Plus printers last such a long time so it's well worth it for uni! 

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  1. Love all these things too! I turned 19 on August. If you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I'll follow you back! ♥


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