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Before I get into this post I want to start by saying I was wary of posting this because I didn't want people to think I was bragging etc, but after a twitter discussion with some of my followers they helped me decide to post it! As an official disclaimer:

I'm in no way shape or form bragging, I'm so thankful for everything I received and was thoroughly spoiled. I'm so happy that I get to share with you my gifts because it could help you with your next purchase! I won't be saying who got me what and I haven't included money/gift vouchers- although I did receive some American dollars for my trip in December but I won't say how much.

First up with have this amazing vanilla candle, I'm so obsessed with candles and all of my ones from last year seem to have disappeared? Plus I love the quote on this jar so I know even once the candle has burnt away I'll keep the jar! There's then this wooden dream catcher, I am all about dream catchers, I have a cute one in my room which I've had for years and really does keep away the bad dreams. I'm moving in a few weeks and I think I want a clean, white look in my room with minimal colours so this is going to fit in a treat!

You can never have too many of your basic items, I love receiving wipes, cotton pads and cotton buds because I go through them all so quickly so it's good to have back ups.

A good bath bomb goes down well all the time- I can't wait to try the white one because it smells incredible- I will admit that I may have thought the rose petals in it were pistachios when I opened it.. Probably my dumbest moment to date? A bath bomb with pistachios in would be pretty fab? And sweets/chocolates hell yes.. Those jolly ranchers taste amazing although they're not the best for my jaw and I haven't tried the chocolate bar yet but I've been eyeing it up since last week when I got it so I'm pretty sure I'll devour it very soon...

I was so excited to get this Superdrug Vitamen E Hot Cloth Cleanser because I'd literally just run out of my other Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser! I'm very intrigued to see what the differences are between the two products so keep an eye peeled for a review in the coming weeks! I've been debating getting this foundation since february when my friend jumped into a pool with this on and her face still looked flawless when she got out but I couldn't find a huge range of shades but I opened this on my birthday and it's literally the perfect match! Again I'm really excited about the product itself so I will review it very soon! 

Shock horror but I've never tried any Topshop makeup before so I was buzzing to see these two products, you can never go wrong with a liner, especially a waterproof one so I'm excited to use this! I then got this lip ombre set which is awesome, I have no idea how it works but ombre lips look so cool at the moment so I'm hoping I can figure it out!

I've used this shampoo and conditioner before and am obsessed with the smell, what it does to my hair, the fact it's so big and has a pump. This is going to last me so bloody long because it is huge and I'm the only blonde in the house- score.

Jewelry wise I got this adorable necklace- I'd seen it and was going to buy it for my sister but purposely chose another one so I could by myself this.. Luckily someone else knows me well and got it for me! I love layering necklaces anyway, and the fact this is essentially a 3 in one is already amazing, the marble section sold it for me because it's marble and I'm a typical blogger? Haha. I then got this adorable 'Special Sister' Pandora charm from my sister (I know I said I wasn't going to say but it's pretty obvious who bought this for me)

Here's a close up of my Pandora bracelet, it's so minimal and cute I love it!

I always without fail get some silly presents and they are always the best. This little bubble handbag is awesome- it's literally bubbles in a mini handbag, I love bubbles, mainly because I'm so easily amused. This Disney Princess Secret Diary is legit my favourite thing I got. I'm planning on writing to-do lists for Disney World in there and write all about my Disney trip in there?

Love abit of sportswear- I have way too much sportswear considering I only cheer 2-3 times a week. But this sports bra is the cutest! It's very Victoria Secret I thought, I have worn it already and it's so comfy- it's that tiny bit bigger than what I need to fit's really comfortably. I have a damaged shoulder so have to tape it up and I recently ran out so when I opened this I was so excited mainly because it is sooooo pretty.. Unfortunately when I tried to tape my shoulder up it didn't work because it's not actually sticky.. I don't know what I'll use this for now but I'm sure I'll find something?

Tresemme are one of my favourite hair care brands- mainly because they're products smell so bloody good! With these massive bottles and my Bed Head bottles I'm not going to need to get any hair products til at least new years!

I'd seen this basket on a bloggers snapchat and new that I had to have it- so on Friday me and Hayden went to Tiger and picked the basket and the cute rose gold tea light holder up! Anything rose gold is my favourite! And for both of these it was only £5!! So good!

There were a few things I got that I couldn't photograph so I'll just write them below

Leather jacket, black fringed bag, fluffy floral dressing gown (soo comfy) fluffy slippers (again soo comfy) printer- it's one of those ones where I can print from my phone, laptop, anything that can connect to the internet- it's pretty handy and last but not least a portable charger which is awesome because my battery life is crap and I do far to much travelling to not have one!

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