Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Today is my 19th Birthday (how exciting!!) So I thought what better way for you all to get to know me than for me to give you some random facts about me!

1) I have moved house 14 times- it shall be 15 in a few weeks.

2) I have weird OCD when it comes to bathrooms I frequently visit- I have to go into a particular cubicle.

3) I have had many different hobbies including- dancing, horse riding, pottery club, netball, football, cricket, athletics, gymnastics, theater club and cheerleading. The only thing I've stuck to for longer than 1 year is Cheerleading- I've been there for 6 years now!

4) I sleep with a blanket over my face and literally cannot sleep without it

5) I'm 5"11 literally a giant compared to all of my friends

6) I have literally no clue what I want to do with my future, I'm pretty much winging it.

7) I've spent probably 25% of my time the past 2 years in hospital for various reasons.

8) I have the same password that was given to me when I was 8 years old when I first started middle school- it obviously has some variations but still pretty cool.

9) Disney wins over literally everything. 

10) I have to sleep with the TV on and it has to be either Family Guy or CSI on.

11) I'm pretty good at seeing through fake people very fast- usually too fast.

12) I'm pretty sure I have a sleeping problem because I have to have at least one nap a day or I get grumpy and find it hard to function.

13) I would do anything to give blood- especially as I'm Rh Negative, but I can't because of all the medication I'm on booo.

14) I take 12 separate tablets a day- 10 of them are at least twice as big as your usual paracetamol

15) I have a fear of cheese- after many years of getting force fed it in an attempt for me to eat it. I can't touch it even if it's in the packet.

16) The first film I cried at was Titanic and I was about 9 and remember just sobbing.

17) I have size 8 feet which is literally massive, especially in converse (but score Primark literally always have my size shoe)

18) My name is literally completely unoriginal- Justine comes from my uncles name Justin- with an E to make it girlie.. yeah freaking right I had to deal with being called Justin all my school life. My middle name Stephanie comes from my Great-Auntie's first name. And obviously I have my last name/s.

19) I have an identical twinny who was born a minute earlier than me (only because I ate all the food and she'd had enough so wanted to escape early) ((because of this we were born a month early) Comment down below which one you think is me from the photo above!


  1. Love this post Justine! And I'm a twin too! I think you're the 1st one in the photo! P.s you two are cute.

    1. Aw thankyou!! Omg really?! Are you identical?? I'm actually the one of the right! It's pretty difficult to tell though hah! Aw thanks xo

  2. Great post, it was lovely to learn some interesting things about you! I think you were the twin on the right but you both look so similar! :) XX

    1. Thankyou Orla! Aw, yup you got it right! We looked so identical until we were 12 when my sister dyed her hair!xo


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