Sunday, 25 October 2015


Sunday, 25 October 2015
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If you didn't know last Monday me, Courteney & Hannah (aka the 3 behind Norwich Bloggers) hosted our 3rd event of the year (ahhh so crazy!!) This event was a special event for all of our beauty bloggers from Norwich, it was a really small quiet but lovely event with only 13 of us. Charlie Long our amazing makeup artist for the night demonstrated 2 completely different Halloween looks for us- on Courteney.

First up was this gorgeous pink smokey eye which when you think about doesn't sound too pleasant but Court rocked it and Charlie did an amazing job- I honestly think Court could wear this as a day look! 

The second look was a Poison Ivy one- complete with a wig, ivy headband and leaves on the face! This was so glittery and just looked bloody awesome. If I can find some green glitter (shouldn't be too hard considering I use it for cheer) I'm so going to recreate this! 

Charlie is so amazing at what she does, she usually does more bridal makeup but she was amazing at these looks! I'm so excited to see some more editorial looks from her in the near future! She also totally persuaded pretty much all of us at the event that we need the Naked Smokey Palette- after seeing it in person I completely agree.

The amazing people at The Bloggers Programme sorted us these amazing bags which have our #NRWBloggers tag on! I cannot wait to empty this of all my amazing goodies and start using it as an actual bag.

Kiss Lashes kindly sent us all a pair of their lashes, these are the style that I would wear anyway so I'm so excited to try these ones out. They also sent them all in an adorable purple or pink gift bag which was so thoughtful!

I Love.. sent us samples of their newest scent which is Perfectly Peach, I've used one already and it smells soooooooo good.. I do love a good peach smell. 

I do love a good brush/tool! We received these Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush- I haven't seen these in stores before (doesn't mean they haven't been out for a long time though.. sometimes I'm pretty slow haha) which I was so happy about because my original one of these got destroyed by my gel liner and lack of cleaning properly- so this is going to be awesome. Nanshy then sent us their 4 in 1 beauty sponge which is so exciting! I haven't tried it yet- the box is just too pretty! But I'm thinking of doing a comparison of that and the RT Complexion Perfection Sponge. Eco Tools also sent out brushes again- I got the domed bronzer brush which is soo soft- it's quite weighted too which is nice.

Witch Skincare kindly gifted us with a gentle exfoliating face wash and overnight clearing serum- which I am so excited to try for when I can feel a spot coming!

Virtue Iced Tea sent us some of their drinks- I got the lemon one and I wasn't too keen (sorry!!) only because it tasted exactly like cold tea with a slice of lemon in? That may be the idea but it wasn't my style. Daily Cultures then sent some breakfast tea and green tea- the breakfast tea I'll probably put in the tea jar at home and the green tea one I might try as I've never tried it before (so late to the party)

Yves Rocher sent such a range of things but I got some gentle eye makeup remover- I'm going to do a full review of that so keep your eye's peeled. Wild About Beauty sent us the most beautiful tinted lip balms, I love everything I've tried from them so far so I will no doubt love this too!

Here's a link to all the lovely ladies blogs who made our event, so be sure to check their blogs out!

Friday, 23 October 2015


Friday, 23 October 2015
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If you missed the post all about the Suffolk Blogger Meet here's the link. I just want to say a massive well done and thank you to Daisy because she's done bloody amazing at creating incredible bags.

To start with there were these adorable owl cookie cutters from RJB Stone, cola flavoured ghost marshmallows from Nugget and Mallow- which tasted amazing by the way and a candle from Twig & Dot (I chose woodland walks and I cannot wait to get this burning!)

Weleda sent their own bag filled with travel sized goodies for us to try and I'm already loving what I've tried! There's a Pomegranate Body Wash which smells so fresh. Calendula Nappy Change Cream which I am so hilariously excited to try because I reckon it will be the most perfect anti-chaffing product- so this will be tested in Florida. Millet Shampoo which smells like tea tree and just really organic stuff? Almond Facial Cream. Wild Rose Soothing Night Cream which I tried for the first time last night and I'm not much of a rose smell lover but once I got past that it left my skin feeling so amazing! Pomegranate Firming Serum which I'm really intrigued by, and last but not least a sachet of Rose Soothing Day Cream- I wasn't a fan of this, firstly because of the smell and it just felt too heavy and thick on my skin- especially for a day cream. Weleda went above and beyond so a massive thank you to those guys!

I actually bought this myself from Ivy & Joan which is a really cool online homeware/interior store, I couldn't resist getting this wooden letter because at £3 how can you? I'm going to have a nice splurge on there very soon..

YooHoo Mail (new stationary subscription box service which is awesome) gifted us these awesome postcards, I think I might frame mine and put it on my new picture wall as it'll fit in my new room a treat!

MoYou Nails gave us these awesome nail stencils with a stamp and varnish which I'm so excited to try- the patterns look amazing! I'm not entirely sure how it's going to work out because I'm pretty bad at painting my nails anyway, but hopefully I can get it right with some practice!

Derma V10 sent a box filled with 5 of their products, I already have the daily face moisturiser from the NRWSummer event, but it's amazing so I'm glad I have a back up. I also already have the hand and nail cream but in a different scent so I may give this to my mum or sister. I have a coconut body butter which is beautiful so I'm so excited to try the Mango one because I love the smell of mangos!! You can never go wrong with wipes and they feel that bit more gentle than normal ones because of the Tea Tree in them. I've never tried nose strips before so I am really excited to have a pamper night and give these a go!

Sun Kissed sent some fake tan and mitts which I am all about because I need a new fake tan and I've never tried this one, I'm going to try it out in a few weeks so there should be a blog post coming soon letting you know how I get on.

I love finding food! There was some Coconut Chips from Nudie Snacks- they were absolutely incredible- I've always been too scared to try anything coconut (besides Malibu) but these tasted soooooooo good, I'm really hoping I can find these in Tescos! There was then some Linzi's On The Go Granola, where you just add 3 spoonfuls of water, stir and voila! It tastes so yummy- again I need to find this. There's these Moma Super Seeds Porridge- I haven't tried this yet because I'm slightly scared by the thought of it haha. Lastly there were these adorable Suffolk Blogger Meet logo cookies! I'm sorry but I don't know who made these (if anyone knows please let me know!!)

There was then a lot of hot drinks (I'm sorry but I don't do hot drinks!!) So these have already been given and tasted by my mum. First up there's a Drink Me Chai Latte Spiced- I smelt it and it did smell like Christmas which I do love! My mum said that she really liked it but wished it was a smaller sachet as it was too much to drink in one go. Then we had some Earl Grey and Red Berry & Hibiscus Tea from Canton Tea Co- my mum again loved both of the tea's.

Viridian gave us some rose oil which I've used and is incredible, my face was so amazingly soft! Not a huge fan of the smell again but still. They then gave us some Beauty Capsules- I think I might give these ago but only because I know the brand is organic so there won't be any nasty's in there. If I give them a go I will definitely do a blog post! Savannah Bee gave us the most amazing packaged jelly body butter, it smells incredible.

I've never heard of Dodo-Pad but when I saw this 2016 planner in my bag I fell in love! I literally cannot wait for 2016 to begin so I can plan my days out to the t! T-Tag-Direct sent some colourful treasury tags which I hope I'll find use for because they are awesome colours compared to your usual ones!

I was blown away with how many lip balms I got- also so excited because I love lip balms and this is the weather where my lips just need lip balm 24/7. There's a strawberry and banana smoothie Chapstick which is awesome because you can have either flavours or mix it up for that smoothie flavour. Balmi sent these awesome balms, I'm obsessed with the bauble packaging! Defo going on my Christmas tree!

Chill Ed Repair sent a shampoo and reconstructor treatment which I'm so excited to use because my hair needs all the help it can get. I've also heard such amazing things from this brand so again I'm excited to try it!

Bubble T Cosmetics gave us a bottle of Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Shampoo which smells so fruity- I literally want to eat it right now. I cannot wait to try it as it says it's hydrating and adds nourishment to all hair types. I Love.. sent a full size of Raspberry & Blackberry body wash, I love (haha) this brand and am all about trying new scents of their products. Water Wipes- a brand I've never actually heard of have sent a sachet with a or maybe a few wipes in. They claim to be the world's purest facial wipes, non-sting and no tight feeling on the skin (I really hope this is true because that is one of the reasons I stopped using wipes)

Jason sent us samples of their toothpaste, creams, shampoo and moisturiser. I need to try these because I'm loving all of these organic products I've been trying lately so I'll no doubt love.

Ultra Dex went all out and sent what looks like everything! There's breath spray, floss, floss sticks, toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, mouthwash and whitening mouthwash. There's such a range of stuff here so I will be testing these out asap.

Manuka Doctor sent out some samples of their best sellers too, I've already tried all 3 of these before and loved them!

Odylique sent some moisturiser which I'm already using and absolutely loving! NSpa gave us a warming detox mask which I believe I've used before and loved, I cannot wait to have a nice relaxing evening! Crabtree & Evelyn sent some hand cream in a citrus, honey and coriander scent which smells amazing and has done wonders on my hands already.

Sunkissed also sent some of their flawless finish matte foundation, even though it's in the lightest shade it has got a slightly warm undertone to it which means it's that bit too dark for me. I think it may work when I'm tanned though! I got this awesome black liner from Yves Rocher, I haven't really tried to use it yet but I'm intrigued by it! There's then a LipVir which is a cold sore prevention.

Lastly we have this beautiful Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette- first off we all know how much I love Makeup Revolution, secondly we all know how much I love eye shadow palettes so this was literally heaven to find in my bag! It's full of shimmer shades- I will do a full swatch of this palette but it's just so perfect.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Wednesday, 21 October 2015
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I got this for my birthday the other week (if you want to read what else I got here's the link) I've been using it for 2 and abit weeks now so I feel I can give an honest review of it.

-Specially formulated for normal or dry skin, this hydrating formula keeps your skin moisture level balanced with a beautiful satin finish.
     I have to agree with this claim, it is really hydrating on my skin and I know that when it gets into the colder weather and my skin gets drier I really will appreciate how hydrating it is!

-A buildable formula that blends seamlessly onto skin for a perfectly even, yet truly natural complexion all day long.
     I am abit meh about this claim, I apply a normal amount all over my face and it looks full coverage, so I guess you could if you needed to for acne, redness or whatever build it up- I don't have any of these issues so I can't really tell you much about it. I will say it goes on so smoothly and evenly- it sort of looks natural I guess if full coverage is natural?

-Medium to full coverage in 9 true-to-skin shades.
     Without a doubt it is full coverage and I love it, it's so long wearing- I'm talking Estee Lauder Double Wear timing so I'm all about that at a fraction of the price! I think the range of shades needs to be improved- 9 isn't a lot at all when you think of L'oreal True Match, luckily for me I have found a perfect colour for me but if you had darker skin tones or more yellow undertones I think you would struggle.

-SPF 20 protection.
      I'm all about SPF protection, especially for summer- but I wouldn't wear this in summer because it is such a high coverage. It is annoying that it does have SPF in though because for all that flash photography there will be at Christmas parties etc the flashback is going to be awful so I'll need to find a solution to that.

-Price, at £12.99 it isn't the cheapest foundation on the high street but for what you get and how amazing it is bloody amazing!
-Coverage, it is such a high coverage it's definitely up there with Double Wear.
-Long Lasting, this literally doesn't budge from my face once I've applied it, I know full well it lasts for over 12 hours with me eating, napping and getting a serious sweat on during cheerleading. 
-It doesn't feel cakey on my skin? Normally with high coverage foundations I just feel that I need to take it off after a couple of hours to let me skin breathe but with this I'm totally fine?
-It's a matte finish which I'm all about for winter!

-The glass bottle isn't ideal for travelling- I'm just thinking that it's going to break on my many travels..
-The fact there isn't a pump, this is so annoying because the product either takes forever to come out or just comes out in a big clump, I have found a solution and that is an old True Match Pump, it works but isn't ideal.

I have to say the pros completely outweigh the cons so that's how you know it's a good foundation! 
Monday, 19 October 2015


Monday, 19 October 2015
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On Saturday after what seemed like months of Daisy planning me and Hannah headed to Bury St Edmunds for the first ever Suffolk Blogger Meet. I was so excited to finally meet Daisy and other bloggers from the East Anglia area plus seeing all my good friends from Norwich (talking to you Alys & Kelly)

The venue was amazing, it was above a really cute restaurant and I think Daisy said it was a nightclub in the evenings which is pretty cool, it was massive and there was loads of brands around the room which I'll get onto, there was also cute little drinks (weird flavours but tasted amazing!) chocolates, biscuits, cookie cutters, candles and marshmallows to pick up which was such a nice gesture! 

The first brand we stopped and looked at was YooHoo Mail- they're a new stationary subscrition box service which is awesome because as far as I'm aware there isn't actually any in the market already. We were speaking to the lady for ages and she is actually a graphic designer by day anyway- but it's for more corporate designs so she really enjoys playing around with different prints and colours. Her designs are incredible so I highly recommend subscribing to these if you're looking for something new!

We then visited the Odylique stand,they produce all organic skincare and makeup. The woman there was so lovely she had testers for us all to try- there was a citrus toning face mist that I was eyeing up and I may have to make a sneaky purchase of because it smelt bloody fantastic and felt amazing on the back of my hand! I was so surprised by the quality and range of makeup they had too. There was a red lipstick that I feel may be my lipstick. I've been searching for the one for some time now and this is the perfect shade and I swatched it on my hand and it stayed all day! So it does look like I'll be making a nice purchase... I love that all the products are totally organic and everything smells so fresh and real if that makes sense?

I then visited The Charity Candle Company, their message is so simple and nice- every time you buy a candle a % is donated to a charity of your choice! She was saying she recently did wedding and did a candle for everyone as favours which is so sweet and such an innovative idea! There were some amazing scents too!

Ivy Joan are a retro homeware company and I literally fell in love with everything I saw there, I bought a wooden J because it was so cute and she had a discount for us which was so sweet! I'm already planning on ordering a few more bits because everything is so bloody cute and so well priced!

The last brand of the day was Lipiver who I had never heard of before, but their product is just formula to help prevent cold sores- now I have (touch wood) never had a cold sore, but I know the weather is upon us where outbreaks start to happen to if I can try to prevent any I shall be thrilled!

The last thing was literally the most amazing raffle I've seen- I bought 4 strips, they were 50p per strip and I'm pretty sure both books got all tickets sold which is amazing so Women's Aid shall be receiving a lovely donation soon no doubt! I won literally the cutest Alice In Wonderland print hair scarf thing, I can't wait to start wearing it!

I'd just like to say again to Daisy good job, as a fellow blogger events organiser I know how stressful it can be organising events especially considering you were on your own! But you really did amazing so good job girl! I do hope to see another Suffolk Blogger Meet Up in the near future..

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