Tuesday, 29 September 2015


So today's post is in collaboration with Hannah, she's wrote all about her Top 5 Autumnal Lipsticks here. I am all about wearing dark shades on my lips, so as soon as mid-september hits I'm straight into my collection for my berry's and reds. I have way too many but these are the 5 that stuck in my head that I wear all the time now or that I wore last autumn.

1) First up we have my latest buy from Kiko's Limited Edition Intensivley Lavish Collection, in the shade 06- Melodious Wine. For some reason when it's swatched on my arm it looks a lot pinker than when it's on my lips, and it looks a lot more purple in the packaging. I find this lipstick the perfect 'pinky purple.' It's got the perfect amount of pink in it to make it more day time appropriate (although I wear whatever lipstick whenever I want so it doesn't make a difference to me) I find this lasts for ages on my lips too. I do pair it with the matching lip liner, but even still it lasts a good 5/6 hours- including me eating and drinking, before needing a touch up and even then it only comes off ever so slightly in the middle of my lips. I find this is ever so slightly drying on my lips so I do have to put some lip balm on before and when I feel my lips drying up I'll put some more on. As the title suggests it is a very creamy, satin, colour rich finish. The packaging for this is such an added bonus, I have such a weak spot for anything Rose Gold (shock horror coming from a blogger I know)

2) Another Kiko Lipstick, is this Smart Lipstick in the shade 914- Amaranth. I picked this up back in February on my trip to Florence and wore it to death! I haven't worn it just yet but I do keep eyeing it up so I know doubt will be rocking this soon. Again the swatch on my arm has picked up the pink pigments- it's more of a plum shade which is literally perfect for every occasion. I don't wear this with a lip liner but it lasts for bloody hours. I've worn it on nights out before and I'll have it on for the entire night, drinking way too much and demolishing fried chicken and I'll still have perfect lipstick by the end of the night. This lipstick is literally so nourishing on my lips, it literally feels like I have a lip balm on! It has a satin finish which I love because it's just so comfortable on my lips. I am obsessed with what I call the classic Kiko packaging, it's so simple and sleek. In my eye's lipstick packaging has to either be gold or black.

3) Okay so this is my last Kiko lipstick but they literally are my favourite. This is a Velvet Matte Satin Lipstick in the shade 606 Fire Red. I will admit that when I think of Autumnal lipsticks Red's don't really scream out to me because I wear them all the time- I do wear them a lot more during the day during Autumn/Winter so thought it'd be appropriate to put this in. I originally bought this again whilst in Italy back in February for my cheerleading competitions, because I needed a good red lipstick that was long lasting and didn't bleed. I can assure you that this lipstick ticks all of those boxes. Although on the swatch it does look quite transparent it does go onto the lips really well and if you want that deep red look then it's very easy to build up. I find this to last about 4 hours on my lips, this could be because when I'm timing it which is only really at competitions I'm sweating and people tend to sort of stand/land on my face so it rubs off, plus I'm eating and drinking way more. But for a red lipstick it doesn't bleed or smudge anywhere near as much as the rest of my reds. Considering it has the word Matte in the title I find this to not dry my lips out at all, it is very nourishing and does give off a satin finish- less than the previous lipsticks but still not as much. The packaging for this one was perhaps the main reason I bought this.. It's just so funky, you have to push the bottom then pull and twist the lipstick to get it out, the fact that it's rose gold and gold is another bonus. The only bad thing with this is that because it's a bit thicker because of the funky packaging it doesn't fit in my lipstick organizer so it has to be placed neatly beside it, but apart from that it's perfect!

4) I knew I had to slip this one in, it's Media by MAC- the original reason bought this was because it was in the Mia Morretti collection so knew I just had it, and when I bought it I thought it was going to be more of a browny/purple but it's more of a deep red with purple tones in- which worked out fine because I'm not entirely sure I could actually pull brown lipstick off anyway? We all know how well MAC lipsticks last, I can wear this for literally an entire day and it'll still be looking good. I seem to have a running theme here but surprise this lipstick is indeed a satin finish. I guess because it starts to get colder and my lips are the most sensitive thing ever I don't really want to be putting drying matte finishes on? The packaging is perfect in every way. I will say MAC do my favorite packaging, purely because it's so iconic and sleek and fits perfectly and neatly in my lipstick organizer.

5) Last up we have this beautiful Lipgloss from Wild About Beauty in the shade Astrid. I know, I know it's not a lipstick but I couldn't resist adding it into my favourites mainly because it has been on my lips non-stop for pretty much the last 2 weeks, which is odd because I actually hate lipglosses- but because I got it in my Selfridges Birchbox (you can see what else I picked up in there here) I thought I'd better give it a go! On the swatch it literally looks so transparent but I promise it is really buildable and you can get a beautiful berry colour with just 2 layers. It lasts a few hours, because I'm not really a gloss girl I don't know how long they usually last but what I do like with this is that it doesn't come off all patchy like some lipsticks do. Obviously the finish to this is glossy, it isn't over the top though which I do like. I also like that it isn't sticky because that is the main reason I stay away from lipglosses. I'm not a huge fan of this packaging, I do think it looks quite cheap, if it was in a purple square tube with the colour of the gloss as the lid it'd be perfect but I can't change that! I also don't like that they only tell you what shade it is on the box- which is annoying as you have to guess what colour it could be.

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