Saturday, 12 September 2015


As some of you may know I was in London last week (read all about it here) whilst I was there a little shopping managed to be done. Luckily I'd noticed on twitter the day before I went to Oxford Street that Selfridges & Birchbox had teamed up to create a little pop up shop in their beauty department.

I went in and spoke to the lovely lady who helped me with how it worked. I had to pick a box, then a bag for my products to go in, a menu of what they had to offer and I was let free onto the sample choosing.

The first thing I chose were my makeup products, I got to pick two things in this section.

Benefit Porefessional: Refined T-zone goals! This oil-free primer diffuses pores and fine lines for an airbrushed finish.

I've used this one before and loved it so I knew straight away that I wanted this! I'm excited to use this again and see what I think this time round.

Wild About Beauty Nutrilips Gloss in Astrid: A non-sticky, super hydrating gloss packed with vitamin E to keep lips nourished.

I'm not a huge fan of gloss but love Wild About Beauty products, so when I swatched this and it didn't feel super sticky I picked it. There was this colour and a nude one, I couldn't decide for a while with what one I wanted- in the end I decided a berry shade was more in need for these darker months..

Next up was skincare.

Nuxe Hulie Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil: An indulgent blend of six essential oils and vitamin E to hydrate and heal all skin types.

I'll admit I was abit overwhelmed when I was choosing for skincare, so when I read that I could use this on pretty much all of my body to heal any dry patches or for a nice massage oil I picked it straight up.

In body care I chose Triology Everything Balm: A nourishing salve to sooth and condition face, body, lips, cuticles- or, well anything!

When I read you could use this product on pretty much any dry spots on anything on my body I was rather impressed so I chose this.

For hair care I picked up 2 mini bottles of Beauty Protecter Protect & Oil: Protect your hair from UV rays and heat damage with this light, sweet-smelling oil.

My hair is a mess- it's been bleached, heat damaged- just damaged in general. And in an attempt to try and help it look better I picked up these cute little bottles of oil!

My last little treat was from the Beauty Treat section and was This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: A good night's sleep= radiant skin. This acts as a natural sedative to prepare you for sleep.

I do struggle to sleep at night time for some reason so this was literally the first thing I picked up, I've yet to try it but I will let you know when I do.

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