Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sephora and Kiko Haul

As you may have seen from my Day 1 in Pisa you'll have seen that I made a little trip into Sephora and Kiko.. I knew I would't be coming back empty handed so here's what I picked up.

Kiko currently have a limited edition range that is literally beautiful, I walked in knowing I just had to pick something up from that collection. I ended up with 3 things but there's nothing wrong with that... 

Firstly I picked up their contour stick set, the bronzing end is perfect for getting right into the contours of your face and is so creamy so blending it out is beyond easy. The highlight shade is okay- I think because I'm so used to my Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter which is highlighter crazy that I just don't like this look on me- but if you're a person who does really like a normal amount of highlight you will love this!

 I then spotted these Intensively Lavish Lipstick's and there wasn't a huge range of colours, at first I was going towards the nude colours but I decided I have enough nudes and need more Autumn/Winter shades- so I chose this deep red as I don't have a purple/red yet- I've got every other red but not one like this (the theory behind my shopping anyway)

Still on the Intensively Lavish Range, Hayden persuaded me to buy the matching lip liner- this is a strange fact but I have never actually bought a matching lip liner to the lipstick? So I'm excited to see how these work together!

 There is one reason and one reason only why I picked this up and that's because it looks identical to MAC's Spice lip liner and I heard from Sarah Ashcroft that all of their lip liners are made in the same factory with the same formula. So essentially I have a lip liner that cost me £1.20 but costs others £12.50. I again have yet to try this but I know from the other Kiko Lip Liner I have that I will love it so I'm excited by it!

Next up I headed into Sephora. I had a browse around and couldn't find anything I really liked, that was until I got to the travel sized section, I saw this Green Tea eye mask which really caught my eye (ay) because I've been having awful trouble with my eye's lately and thought this would do wonders. Then as I went to pay the women said if I buy 3 things from the travel section I get either a bag or a weird gold tin for free? So I picked up another eye mask, this time in Lotus. And a face mask in Pearl which I have used and it's fab, my skin felt amazing and it was glowing! Because I'd bought those 3 I got this cute little travel makeup bag which is the exact right size you can take your beauty products on the plane with, which I thought was awesome because I'm going to Florida in December so will need something to hold them in. The other thing I thought was adorable is the fact that the pattern on the front is a plane with an actual lipstick on?! So cool!


  1. Ooh excellent choices!! I think I'd most like the lipstick! I'm so obsessed. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. I keep looking at these online! Totally going to cave in...
    Lovely post!


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