Thursday, 10 September 2015


So you may have read about the first couple of days of my trip to London already, if you haven't check that out here
So on day 3 we got up bright and early and headed to the Science Museum, it was so cool to go back there and really appreciate what was there because I haven't been in about 9 years so it was good to really have a look about. Our second stop of the day was the London Transport Museum, which was for Hayden because he is obsessed with trains and tubes and all that. I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed it- it was so interesting to see how transport in London has evolved. That night we went and saw Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre and it was amazing! I was so happy to finally see a show on the West End and Mamma Mia was a perfect choice because it was amazing and I highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

On day 4 (sadly our last day boo) we headed up The Shard which was incredible, the lifts take you up 68 floors in under 2 minutes, my ears actually popped because of it! On the first floor it was all enclosed and you could see everything, but on the floor above it was slightly open at the top so you could literally hear all of London, you could feel the wind, it was surreal. They'd also put fake grass on the floor and flowers around the edge of the glass and had cute deck chairs to sit on which was cool. We stayed up there for about 45 minutes just soaking the views up. After that we headed to Oxford Street for some shopping (Hayden spoiled me) I will have a London haul up very soon so keep your eye's peeled for that..


  1. I've loved reading about your London trip!

    Looks like you had a great time :).

    Christie x


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